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Arts and Science General Information Definitions

admission the Faculty's acceptance of an applicant as a student
auditor student who attends a course with the consent of the instructor; formal registration required but student does not receive credit for course and is not entitled to submit exercises or write examinations
concentration courses taken in subject of discipline or specialization; in the B.Mus. program it is referred to as core
corequisite course which is taken concurrently with another course
course a unit of study
credit academic value of a course; e.g., 1.0, 0.5
elective a course freely chosen by the student
exclusions courses which are similar enough in content that only one can be counted for credit
level at University

determined by the number of credits completed:
level 10.0 - 3.99 credits
level 24.0 - 7.99 credits
level 38.0 - 13.99 credits
level 414.0 credits

level in program determined by the number of passed credits completed toward the requirements of the concentration, as specified by the Department
option a course chosen from a list specified by the department's program of study
part-time student may do at most 3.0 credits in the Fall-Winter Session;may do at most 1.5 credits in either Fall or Winter Terms
prerequisite requirement that must be met prior to registration in a course
program an approved set of courses leading to a degree
registration a student's enrolment in a course or courses
supporting a course in a subject or discipline which complements the concentration; some concentrations have required supporting courses (e.g., mathematics courses in a physics concentration), others do not.
Course Hours
Hours per week follow opposite the course title, for example:
BCHM-102*/0.5 Introduction to Biochemistry3L;1T
L = lecture, S = seminar, T = tutorial, P = practical (e.g. laboratory, workshop, studio, etc.)
So BCHM 102* has three lecture hours and one tutorial hour per week. Normally a 1.0-credit course involves 72 hours of classroom time (laboratories and tutorials may also be required); a 0.5-credit course involves 36 hours.
Course Weights
These follow the course number and are separated by a stroke, for example, HIST 121/1.0 for a full-credit course, CISC 121*/0.5 for a half-credit course (with the addition of an asterisk for the half-credit course), or MUSC 178**/0.25 for a quarter-credit course (with the addition of a double asterisk for the quarter-credit course). Some courses have weights that are percentages or multiples of 1.0, for example, MICR 499/1.5 or BIOL 537/2.0.
Arts and Science General Information Definitions
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