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2010-2011 Academic Year

Arts and Science Dual and Second Degrees III The Degree Upgrade Program

III The Degree Upgrade Program
Only students in Arts and Science at Queen’s who have received a three-year degree may upgrade to a four-year Queen’s Arts and Science degree, subject to the following regulations.
1    Admission
No application for admission is required for students who have received a B.A., B.Cmp.(Gen.) or B.Sc.(Gen.) program at Queen’s and intend to complete an honours degree.

2    Academic Requirements
a    Students must complete all course and degree requirements for the four-year degree according to the regulations of the Faculty of Arts and Science. (See especially Academic Regulation 28 for degree requirements.)
b    Students who have received a B.A., B.Cmp.(Gen.) or B.Sc.(Gen.) degree at Queen’s and have the appropriate concentration and prerequisites may, with the permission of the Department (through an application for admission to honours), simply complete the requirements for an honours degree in the same or a different concentration (see Academic Regulation 23).
c     All courses from the first degree will count toward the honours degree.
d    Students must satisfy the requirements for admission to the final year of the honours degree as specified by the Faculty and Department. 
e    Studies who have or qualify for a four-year degree must refer to II Second Degree Program.
Arts and Science Dual and Second Degrees III The Degree Upgrade Program
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