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International Studies Certificate Program

Certificate in International Studies - INTS

The International Programs Office (IPO), in cooperation with the language departments, offers a study option leading to a Certificate in International Studies. This option is available to Queen's students of all Faculties, regardless of their degree concentration, and is intended for those wishing to enhance their degree with a formal program of study combining language acquisition with cultural and interdisciplinary learning and at least one term of study abroad.

The International Studies Certificate program consists of the equivalent of 5.0 credits and is structured as follows:

a3.0 language-acquisition credits in two languages other than English. At least 1.0 credit must be obtained in each of the two languages and at least 1.0 credit at a more advanced level in one of the two. At least 2.0 of the 3.0 credits must either be completed at Queen's or receive specified transfer credit.
b 1.0 interdisciplinary credit, selected from IDIS 302*, IDIS 306*, IDIS 307*, INTS 306*, INTS 307*, INTS 320*, INTS 321*, INTS 322*,and/or further language-acquisition credits (in either of the two languages above or in a third).
cOne of the following options will be deemed the equivalent of 1.0 study-abroad credit:
isuccessful completion of at least 4.0 credits in the First-Year Program at the Bader International Study Centre (BISC) at Herstmonceux Castle; or
ii successful completion of at least 1.0 credit in the Upper-Year Program at the BISC, involving studies in a British or European context; or
iii1.0 transfer credit obtained for work successfully completed either at one of the University's exchange partner institutions or by direct enrolment in a university outside of Canada or during a study abroad program accredited by a recognized university.

The course(s) offered for the 1.0 study-abroad credit must demonstrate academic benefit derived especially from the experience of studying abroad and will usually incorporate a regional, cultural, or comparative cultural perspective.

Students must pass all courses relating to the Certificate with an average of at least 65 per cent. The Certificate will be awarded upon successful completion of a degree program at Queen's University.

Students considering adding the Certificate to their degree program should research their study abroad options as early as possible by consulting the International Programs and Study Abroad Options chapter or by visiting the International Programs Office or its website (www.queensu.ca/ipo). Those deciding to complete the Certificate requirements should register by completing the online form on the IPO website by no later than the registration period for their third-year courses. To receive the Certificate, students are also required in their final term of study to complete an application form, available from the IPO, by no later than 1 Septemberfor Fall convocation or 1 Mayfor Spring convocation.

Arts and Science Departments, Programs and Courses International Studies International StudiesCertificate Program
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