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Arts and Science Academic Regulations and University Policies Regulation 15    Final Examinations

Regulation 15    Final Examinations

a    There are no supplemental examinations in courses offered in the Faculty of Arts and Science.

b    A student discovering a conflict (two examinations at the same hour, three examinations in one day or an examination at the same hour as a religious observance) should report the conflict to the University Examinations Office, as soon as possible.

c    The final examination in any course offered in any term or session (including Spring Term, Spring-Summer Session or Summer Term) must be written on the campus on which the course was taken, at the end of the appropriate term or session.

d    For reference purposes, final examination question papers will normally be made available by the end of September (for the previous academic year) to students through their publication in the Exambank (see db.library.queensu.ca/exambank). Exemptions from the policy for particular examination question papers may be granted by the Associate Dean (Studies) only in exceptional circumstances and only on an annual basis, on the written request of the instructor, with the signed approval of the Head of Department.

e    Exchange agreements may require instructors to release copies of final examinations, including those exempted from the policy in Regulation 15d above, to exchange students for review by the home university.

f    Students studying at Queen’s on an official exchange whose first language is not English may apply to the University Examinations Office for additional time of 0.5 hour to write each final examination. They may also bring one language translation dictionary to the examination.

g    Students who feel their final examination has not been accurately assessed may request a formal review of the examination paper (see Regulation 13b).

hi    Students living in the Kingston area taking Queen’s correspondence courses are expected to write their examinations on campus. For students living outside the Kingston area, a list of established examination centres for distance courses is available from Continuing and Distance Studies. If there is not an established centre within 100 kilometres of a student’s residence, one will be established at no charge. Students requesting a change to the examination centre location after the deadline to make these changes must contact the Correspondence Examinations Coordinator, and if approved an administrative charge will be assessed (see the Fees section of the Web Calendar.)

ii    Students must write the examinations in correspondence courses at the time scheduled by the Examinations Office. Students who face extraordinary circumstances beyond their control and cannot comply with the examination schedule must notify the Correspondence Examinations Coordinator. Students who find themselves in such circumstances may seek permission to write the examination at a later time by appealing in writing to the instructor of the course. Such students seeking permission to write the examination at an earlier time than the scheduled time must appeal in writing to the Office of the Associate Dean (Studies) as well as to the instructor (see Regulation 30, in Appeal of Academic Decisions). In both cases an administrative charge will apply (see the Fees section of the Web Calendar).

iii    Students who are granted permission by the instructor to defer their correspondence examination(s) to a subsequent term and who request to reschedule at an off-campus location will be subject to a non-refundable administrative fee for each examination, including additional charges as may be incurred by the University to set up the deferred examination. (See the Fees section of the Web Calendar).

Arts and Science Academic Regulations and University Policies Regulation 15    Final Examinations
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