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2010-2011 Academic Year

Arts and Science Academic Regulations and University Policies Regulation 4 Enrolment Priorities

Regulation 4 Enrolment Priorities
For information on the principles and procedures for access to programs and courses, students should consult the following documents, available at www.queensu.ca/artsci:
  • the "Principles Governing Access to Programs and Courses" in the Faculty of Arts and Science,
  • the registrationprocedures, and
  • a definition of departmental academic criteria.
Upon entering the first year of study, students may select from any of the coursesavailable to first-year students that areoffered in the Faculty of Arts and Science and will be registered in a degree program but not a specific concentration.Starting in second year, students must qualify each year for access to degree programs and concentrations based on the following criteria:
i Academic performance
Departments are responsible for developing specific academic criteria for priority and eligibility of students for requested degree programs.Access to programs will be judged by the student'slevel in concentration and not by the number of years at Queen's. Consult Faculty and departmental websites and/or departmental chapters of this Calendar for detailed information on academic criteria specific to individual programs.
In cases where departments use a weighted average of specific courses as a prerequisite for admission to programs, concentrations and/or courses, course failuresmay beincluded in the calculation of the weighted average.
ii Number of spaces available
Enrolment is limited in some degree programs and concentrations.The minimum average required for admission to some degree programs and concentrations may vary from year to year, depending on the size and strength of that year's applicant pool.
iii Student participation in the official registration process.
Students requesting programs and concentrations after the summer request period, including those admitted too late to participate in the program and concentration request period, will be considered subject to academic criteria and space availability.

Where student demand for programs and concentrations exceeds the number of spaces available, priority is given to students who make a Choice 1 request, based on defined academic criteria. For Alternate Choice requests, space considerations will determine access even if the minimum academic criteria are met.
Students must have an approved program and concentration to gain access to courses and become registered. The University reserves the right to limit enrolment in any class that becomes oversubscribed, even if the course description does not indicate that enrolment is limited.
Eligibility for CoursesEligibility for all courses rests on course prerequisites, corequisites and exclusions as stated in the Calendar.In special circumstances, departments may waive these requirements.
Priority for CoursesPriority for requested courses is determined by individual departments based on three criteria:
i Academic criteria
During the summercourse selection period departments may choose to restrict access to certain courses to ensure priority is given to students in the appropriate concentration.
Student access to courses is subject to the following priorities listed in descending order. Priority will be given to students for whom the course is:

a required in their concentration;
b an option in their concentration;
c part of their recognized concurrent-education teachable;
d an elective, or an option in the concentration beyond the normal load.
Within each category, priority will be given to students who have the specified prerequisites and:
  • are furthest along in their program;
  • are not repeating the course.
iiNumber of spaces available
Limited enrolment courses are identified in the course descriptions listed in this Calendar.
iii Student participation in the official registration process
Students requesting courses after the summer course selection period,including those admitted too late to participate in the course selection period,will be considered subject to space availability.
Exchange students who satisfy the above priorities will be granted entry on the same basis as other students. At the discretion of the department, they may be admitted to courses even if they do not meet these criteria.
Arts and Science Academic Regulations and University Policies Regulation 4 Enrolment Priorities
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