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Certificate in Socially Responsible Leadership (formerlly CCSR)
Certificate in Socially Responsible Leadership Program (CSRL)

Socially Responsible Leadership is a truly multidisciplinary topic whereby businesses are increasingly integrating social responsibility strategies into every functional domain. While the Bachelor of Commerce Program offers many courses that address a variety of social responsibility issues, the purpose of the certificate program is to offer students an experience-based, integrative exposure to this emerging and dynamic field of business practice.  Students who complete the requirements for the Certificate in Socially Responsible Leadership will develop an in-depth understanding of leading edge thinking and practices in the responsible leadership field.

In order to earn a Certificate in Socially Responsible Leadership, students must complete the following requirements:

  • Achieve a minimum grade of C+ (2.3) in COMM 104 (Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility)
  • Complete 12.0 units from the approved list of elective courses (over the four years in the Commerce Program)
  • Fully participate in three responsible leadership-themed conferences over the four years of the Commerce Program, at least two of which must be Responsible Leadership Summits hosted by the Centre for Responsible Leadership
  • Pass an evaluative component associated with each of the conferences attended
  • Actively participate in a minimum of 60 hours of approved outreach activities (over the course of the Certificate program)

Optimally students enter the program in their first year of study; however, students in second year may enrol with permission of the CSRL Associate director. A registration fee of $195.00 +HST will apply (non-refundable) and includes participation in two Responsible leadership Summits.

The Commerce Office maintains a list of CSRL Courses which have been approved for the CSRL Program; this list is on the CSRL website on the Commerce Portal at http://commerce.queensu.ca/CSR/CCSRWebsite.nsf/Homepage?readform. 

Students may take CSRL courses when on international exchange on the approval of the International Exchange Advisor. Students may request the review of additional courses not on the approved CSR list.

For more information concerning the CSRL Program contact:

Tina Bailey, Associate Director
QSB Centre for Responsible Leadership

Phone: 613-533-3331      Email: tbailey@business.queensu.ca
Website: http://commerce.queensu.ca/CSR/CCSRWebsite.nsf/Homepage?readform

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