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Course Load Guidelines
Course Load Guidelines Course Load Guidelines Students are expected to take the normal course load during each academic year (September to April):

first year 33.0 units
second year 33.0 units
third year 30.0 units
fourth year 27.0 units

A student may request permission to take more than the normal course load during the academic year if:
i) the student is registered in a dual degree program (this only applies after students complete first year); or,
ii) there are other circumstances deemed exceptional. Such permission should be requested of a Commerce Program Academic Advisor.
Students should complete all required Commerce and economics courses in the academic year (September-April) for which there are requirements, and also take the appropriate number of credits from the Faculty of Arts and Science during that academic year (September-April).

Arts and Science elective courses (up to 6.0 units) may be taken in the Spring and Summer terms at Queen's provided the regulations governing Arts and Science electives are followed (guidelines are set out below).

Please note that the majority of Commerce courses are term-length courses worth 3.0 units each. COMM-502 is worth 6.0 units and COMM-503 is worth 9.0 units.
All courses marked with a dagger () are open only to students enrolled in the School of Business.

Some 400-level and all 500-level courses are restricted to students in fourth-year of the Commerce Program only. 200-level courses are not open to students in the Bachelor of Commerce Program.

Courses in the Faculty of Arts and Science are year-long (worth 6.0 units) unless followed by an asterisk (*) indicating a term-length course (3.0 units). Credit weights appear in brackets after the course titles in the curriculum outline in the following section.

In some cases, a student may take a reduced course load. Students are advised to discuss their program plan with an Academic Advisor in the Commerce Program if they plan to take a reduced course load.

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Commerce Curriculum Course Load Guidelines