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The deadlines for dropping and adding courses without financial penalty are located on the Office of University Registrarís (OUR) website (http://www.queensu.ca/registrar/currentstudents/fees.html). These deadlines do not necessarily correspond with the academic deadlines listed in Sessional Dates. Students are advised to familiarize themselves with this information in order to avoid financial penalty resulting from a change of registration.
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Important fee information can be found on the Office of the University Registrarís website (http://www.queensu.ca/registrar/currentstudents/fees.html) and all questions regarding fees should be addressed to the Registrar's Office.† All fees must be paid in full by September 1 at the Bank of Montreal only (any branch). To be allowed to confirm registration, a student must have paid all their tuition fees by September 1. See the OUR Tuition & Fees webpage for more information (http://www.queensu.ca/registrar/currentstudents/fees.html).
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Commerce students are charged, per course, the Commerce course fee. The Board of Trustees reserves the right to make changes in the published scale of fees if, in its opinion, circumstances so warrant.†† Fees for courses taken during Spring-Summer are charged separately from, and in addition to, fees for fall-winter courses.
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All students with an overdue debt with the University are not permitted to register or to receive examination results, official transcripts, or marks reports until the outstanding account is settled in full or until an acceptable arrangement for settling the account is made by the department(s) concerned. A diploma will not be released to a student with an outstanding debt with the University.
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Non-Compulsory Fees

There is an administration fee charged for students who request a service that is non-compulsory to their program, including an exam re-read or a Letter of Permission Domestic (LOP) or Letter of Permission International (ILOP).† These fees can be paid in the Commerce Program office (Goodes Hall-Room 130). Fees must be paid before any documentation is processed. Fees are payable by Visa, Mastercard and Interac.

Exam Re-Reads $40.00 (refundable only if grade increases)
Letter of Permission (LOP/ILOP) $50.00 per letter

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Commerce Admissions/Registration/Fees Fees