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Queen's Option Package
Before graduating from the Commerce Program, students may complete a package of related courses from the Faculty of Arts and Science courses called the “Queen's Option”.  This package consists of 12.0 related units from the Faculty of Arts and Science; at least 6.0 units must be at the 200 level or above (in other words, the package consists of a maximum of 6.0 units at the 100-level).  However, if your Queen's Option is one of the languages, then up to 6.0 units can be at the zero level (e.g. FREN 016, FREN 017, SPAN 010, etc) and 6.0 units at the 100-level or above.
Normally, the courses used towards the Queen's Option will contain the same prefix (i.e. PSYC).  However, where a department in the Faculty of Arts and Science has approved a substantial relationship between courses, related courses may contain different prefixes but meet the requirements for the Queen's Option.  To determine whether such a relationship has been established, consult the departmental chapter of the Arts and Science calendar (http://www.queensu.ca/artsci/academic-calendar).  The department may list “credit for courses in other departments” or may include courses with different prefixes in their list of courses of instruction.  In either case, the courses listed are approved as part of a Queen's Option in that area.

An option in Economics may only include courses with the prefix “ECON” and it cannot include ECON 110 as it is a required Commerce course.  If a student takes ECON 212 or ECON 222 as a substitute for COMM 172, then the course taken cannot be used toward the Economics option.  MATH 126 may NOT be counted toward an option in Economics.
Six AP or IB units may be applied toward the Queen's Option package where specific credit has been granted by Queen's University.
Completion of the Queen's Option does not apprear on the official student record, but student's may wish to refer to this achievement on the CV or resume.

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Commerce Optional Programs with the Commerce Program Queen's Option Package