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Curriculum, Primary-Junior (CURR)
CURR 355AB/3.0 Language and Literacy: Development and Practice    (PJ)
Teacher candidates will be introduced to instructional practice in the language arts.  The course will examine instructional principles for the teaching of the following components of literacy: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and reading comprehension, the writing process, the use of informational and narrative texts from JK to grade 8.  Teacher candidates will be introduced to the Ontario literacy documents and Language curriculum.
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CURR 358AB/1.5 The Arts (PJ)
The Arts present unique and powerful ways of learning, knowing, creating and expressing.  As such, they have a critical role to play in education.  This course prepares teacher candidates to include drama, dance, music and visual art in the curriculum.  Candidates have the opportunity to enhance their appreciation of the Arts.
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CURR 383AB/3.0 Elementary Mathematics    (PJ)
Designed to help beginning teachers to (i) examine how children learn mathematics; (ii) develop a positive attitude toward and an interest in mathematics; (iii) teach mathematics with problem solving as the primary focus; (iv) understand the elements of planning and assessing a comprehensive mathematics curriculum; and (v) establish a classroom environment that supports children's learning of mathematics. Models experiences that help teacher candidates to construct personal knowledge of mathematical techniques, skills and processes through meaningful opportunities to learn (including the application of information technology).
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CURR 385/1.5 Social Studies   (PJ)
Provides teacher candidates with the opportunity to enhance skills, attitudes and understandings to enable them to teach, learn and function as informed citizens in a culturally diverse society and world. Candidates explore ways to study communities, heritage, history, and geography, using the Ontario curriculum documents and a variety of strategies and resources.
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CURR 387AB/3.0 Science and Technology     (PJ)
Learning to teach elementary science and technology and developing a positive attitude toward these subject areas are explored through a variety of approaches including student-centred learning, problem-based learning, hands-on activities, and integrated learning experiences. Teacher candidates begin to become familiar with the science and technology curriculum mandated by the Ontario Ministry of Education through the exploration of content, skills and strategies for effective teaching, and through reflective practice.
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CURR 389/1.5 Art (PJ)
An introduction to visual art in the elementary grades. Participants come to understand that visual art is a form of personal expression and that it can be employed to increase visual perception and awareness. Through experimentation with the foundation materials of visual art, and by utilizing their various environments as sources of inspiration, participants will gain confidence in their ability to make artistic choices and to provide meaningful art experiences for their students. Topics include the elements and principles of design, colour theory, drawing, and assessment and evaluation of art.
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CURR 391/1.5 Drama (PJ)
Introduces drama in the elementary grades, and encourages teachers to apply dramatic and performance skills and techniques to the presentational aspects of their teaching practice. Through a lens of story-telling, various experiential exercises help students acquire basic dramatic skills and techniques to develop strategies and approaches to foster dramatic activity and presentation in their future classrooms. Topics include drama games, story-telling and story-building, character, staging, acting, and thematic and cross-curricular integration. Work in movement, voice and creative play enhance confidence and ability to incorporate dramatic form for the classroom.
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CURR 393/1.5 Music (PJ)
An introduction to music in the elementary grades. Focuses on the integrative aspects of music in the classroom and in the curriculum, and introduces effective strategies and materials. Through experiential learning, participants develop their own musical skills and confidence. Various topics relating to arts advocacy, technology and music, music in the early and middle years, instrumental and vocal music, and composition and notation will be addressed.
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CURR 395/1.5 Health and Physical Education    (PJ)
Provides teacher candidates with the opportunity to develop understandings, skills and attitudes to effectively teach physical and health education and to help children develop active healthy lifestyles. Candidates become familiar with Ministry of Education curriculum documents and a variety of teaching/learning strategies and resources.
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Education Teacher Education Course Descriptions (BEd/DipEd) Curriculum, Primary-Junior (CURR)
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