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Duncan McArthur Hall
The Faculty of Education is housed in an impressive educational complex known as Duncan McArthur Hall. This well-equipped building provides academic teaching facilities, support services, and administrative offices under one roof. The Education Library is open year round, including evenings and weekends when classes are in session. Housed in the Education Library are books, teaching aids (videos, games, kits, etc.), and journals in traditional paper format, as well as access to over 1000 education-related journals in electronic format (online) appropriate for teacher candidates and graduate students at the master's and doctoral levels. An acoustically superb theatre-auditorium provides a setting for large group lectures, concerts, and dramatic productions. The complex includes its own gymnasium for teaching as well as for recreation. Modern labs, a visual arts studio, a drama studio, a technical shop, several computer labs, and special classrooms for most subjects round out the teaching facilities.
Adjacent and physically connected to Duncan McArthur Hall is Jean Royce Hall, a co-educational residence with accommodation for 576 students. Single rooms are arranged in groups of twelve, each group having its own lounge and kitchen for light food preparation. Seven of the 'houses' are grouped around a social centre which includes coffee shops, a dining room, recreation rooms, lounges, facilities for television viewing, and a music room.  Just north of Duncan McArthur Hall is John Orr Tower, a 16-storey high-rise containing 124 one-bedroom apartments. Most of the apartments overlook Lake Ontario, the old village of Portsmouth, and the harbour site annually of CORK (Canadian Olympics Regatta, Kingston). Students are able through the integrated building complex to become part of a very closely knit faculty where all the resources are at hand for effective teacher education.

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Education General Information Duncan McArthur Hall
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