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Foundational Studies (FOUN)
Foundations courses deal with broad issues and with the intellectual and theoretical underpinnings of the education enterprise. Traditionally, Foundations courses are drawn from disciplinary areas such as philosophy, psychology, sociology, anthropology and history. Those courses indicating PJIS are for all students, PJ for Primary-Junior students only, and IS for Intermediate-Senior and Technological Education students only. A selection of our FOUN courses is offered each year. Only courses offered in 2014-15 are listed below.
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FOUN 416/3.0 Catholic Education      (PJIS)
Designed to introduce teacher candidates to the Catholic education tradition in Ontario. Topics include the history of Catholic education in Ontario, the philosophical underpinnings of a Catholic school system, the critical assessment of values embedded in the curriculum including development of a curricular philosophy which reflects the particular requirements of the Catholic education system, and the support systems presently available for Catholic teachers in the schools of Ontario.  While this course is recommended for those IS subject specialists who are not likely to be teaching religion in a Catholic secondary school, it will provide candidates with the tools to integrate a Catholic vision of education into all subject areas.
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FOUN 448/3.0 Aesthetic Education (ACE PJIS)
(Artist in Community Education candidates only)
Examines a number of problems that are of particular concern to teachers of the arts. Tries to discover the sources of our appreciation of works of art so that we may be in a better position to bring others - most notably our students - to share in that appreciation.  This is an intensive course beginning on 29 August 2012.
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FOUN 463/3.0 Culture, Language and Education (PJIS)
The situated, cultural aspects of human learning and development in relation to formal education. Learning contexts are studied at ecological, social and psychological levels. Language processes are emphasized, including bi/multicultural issues. By considering the mutual making of community and self through ethnic, linguistic, institutional, recreational, family and other cultures, candidates are encouraged to expand their teaching repertoires.
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FOUN 469/3.0 Psychology of Learning Problems (PJIS)
This course considers aspects of psychology relevant to the education of children, adolescents and adults with learning problems or learning disabilities in the areas of reading, spelling, writing and mathematics. Issues related to diagnosis and remediation are addressed. This course is recommended for students with a background in psychology. Students should have taken or be taking at least one course beyond the introductory level and have studied topics such as human learning, cognitive processes and individual differences.
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FOUN 474/3.0 Learning and Development (PJIS)
This course provides an overview of learning and development from childhood through adolescence. Topics such as learning theories, cognitive processes, individual differences, motivation, multiple intelligences, and memory are considered in relation to schooling. As well, aspects that may impact learning such as sociocultural contexts, classroom management, mental health issues and support systems are discussed.
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Education Teacher Education Course Descriptions (BEd/DipEd) Foundational Studies (FOUN)
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