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Education Programs of Study Concurrent Primary-Junior Final Year Entry Requirements
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Concurrent Primary-Junior Final Year Entry Requirements

Entrance into final year is contingent upon completion of each of the following items.  Candidates must complete the requirements for the year in which they entered the program.
Final Year Prerequisites

The following must be complete by the second Friday in May preceeding entry to final year:

1. Complete all prerequisite Year 1 to 3 PJ Concurrent Education courses; AND

2. Honours degree (BAH, BCompH, BScH, or *BMus); AND

*Music degree only offered at Queen’s

Queen’s – Most undergraduate Honours degrees require 120 units.  Teacher Candidates in a 114 unit degree must take one additional full-year course before entering final year. 
Queen’s-Trent – Must complete a 20 unit Honours degree.

3. Have a minimum of a B average on their best 10 full-year courses or equivalent in half-year courses (60 units at Queen's).

4. Complete a half-year course in Developmental Psychology; OR a full-year course in Introductory Psychology.

All official transcripts, including completion of degree, must be received before the last day of June of the year of expected entry in final year Education. 

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Education Programs of Study Concurrent Primary-Junior Final Year Entry Requirements
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