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Admission Philosophy and Criteria
The Admissions Committee takes a holistic approach to applications, taking into consideration a number of factors in addition to grades and the results of the LSAT. Queen’s Faculty of Law endorses the goal that the geographic, ethnic, cultural, racial and socio-economic diversity of the Canadian population should be reflected in the ranks of those granted access to legal education.

The academic rigour of the J.D. degree program requires that students who are granted admission have a strong aptitude for legal reasoning, demonstrated academic ability and good potential for success in studies at this level. The Admissions Committee considers other attributes such as intellectual curiosity, avid interest in law, social commitment, reasonable judgment and insight, leadership potential, teamwork skills, creative ability and innovative endeavours, self-discipline, time management skills and maturity. The Admissions Committee will review personal statements, letters of reference and the autobiographical sketch to obtain information about these attributes.

Our Faculty is enriched by the skills, knowledge and experience of students who have been community leaders, excelled in extracurricular activities and enjoyed success in careers prior to the pursuit of a legal education as much as we benefit from students with inquiring minds who have excelled consistently in a broad range of academic disciplines. Such outstanding applicants are encouraged to apply, whether in the General, Aboriginal or Access categories of admission.

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Law Admission Admission Philosophy and Criteria
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