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Anonymous Grading Policy
( Approved at the October 20th 2004 meeting of Faculty Board.)
In order to maintain anonymity in the evaluation of student work:
a Whenever possible, students should be evaluated and graded on an anonymous basis; 
b Written tests and examinations, and written assignments and journal work, for which anonymous grading is feasible, shall be graded and recorded by the instructor on an anonymous basis, using student numbers only;
c All Faculty and Sessional instructors will receive official grade sheets from the University that contain student numbers only, and not student names;
d Faculty and Sessional instructors will not be entitled to view class or student lists that contain both the names and the student numbers of the students enrolled in that class;
e Recommendations for course prizes will be made anonymously by submitting the student number of the student with the highest grade in the class;
f This policy will apply to all classes; and
g This policy is not to be interpreted or applied in a way that discourages the use of individualized assignments or the giving of individualized guidance to students in the preparation of essays or other assignments. 

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Law Regulations & Policies Anonymous Grading Policy
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