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Combined J.D./MBA Program

The Senate of Queen's University approved the J.D.-M.B.A. degree program on April 27th 2006.

This four-year combined program capitalizes on the strength of the internationally acclaimed, intensive twelve-month Master of Business Administration degree offered by Queen's School of Business and the rich program in business law offered by Queen's Faculty of Law.  Students admitted to the combined program have two alternative options to complete the combined program in three and a half years.

Early Completion Option – Bader International Study Centre International Business Law Program
Combined J.D.-M.B.A. students are eligible to apply for and be selected to participate in the International Business Law program at the Bader International Study Centre to earn nine upper-year J.D. credits. These students may also use cross-credits from the M.B.A. degree equivalent to six upper-year J.D. credits to complete the degree requirements in three and one-half academic years. 

Early Completion Option - on Campus
Combined program J.D.-M.B.A. students may use cross-credits from M.B.A. courses equivalent to 12 upper-year J.D. credits to complete both degrees in three and one-half academic years.

Note: This early completion option is under review in the 2011-2012 academic year for compliance with the requirements stipulated by the Federated Law Societies of Canada for a Canadian common law degree.

Application Process
Application to the combined program will require separate, concurrent applications to OLSAS by November 1, 2011 for admission to the J.D. program and an online application to the School of Business. Applications to the MBA Program are accepted in four rounds: by September 30th,, November 18th , 2011, February 3, 2012 and March 9th 2012   for admission to the MBA program. For admission information to the M.B.A. see For admission to the J.D. degree program, see and the admissions chapter of the calendar.

Program Structure
1 The first year is spent completing the compulsory first year curriculum of the J.D. program.
2 The second year is spent taking upper year elective courses at full courseload in the J.D. program. 
3 The third year (academic year of May to May) is spent fulfilling all of the course obligations in the MBA program.
4 The fourth year is spent fulfilling the remaining upper-year degree requirements of the J.D. program.
Other Mandatory Requirements:
In the second and fourth years of the combined program, students must complete successfully the following degree requirements: LAW-225 Civil Procedure, the advocacy and practice skills degree requirements, the residency and upper-year credit requirement and the substantial term paper requirement. See the Academic Regulations and Policies chapter of the calendar.
At some time in the second and fourth years of the combined program at least eight upper-year credits in management-related law courses must be competed. Eligible courses include, but are not limited to, LAW-427 Administrative Law, LAW-440 Business Associations, LAW-328 Law and Economics, LAW-508 Taxation, LAW-560 Labour Law, LAW-448 Securities Regulation, and LAW-446 Competition Law.

Tuition and Financial Assistance
Tuition will be charged in accordance with registered status as a law student in the first, second and fourth years of the combined program. Tuition in the third year of the combined program will be in accordance with registered status as a graduate business student in the MBA program. Merit-based and need-based financial assistance will be available according to registered status for the academic year.

For information about tuition fees  and financial assistance for law students, see and

For information about fees and financial assistance for MBA students, see

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Law Programs of Study Combined J.D./MBA Program
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