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First-Year Compulsory Courses
LAW-150/151/152 Constitutional Law  
Study of law pertaining to the division of legislative powers in a federal state and the judicial protection of fundamental rights, including aboriginal and Charter rights.
4 credits, winter term
Professor Corbett/Professors Corbett and Metcalf/Professor Metcalf
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LAW-160/161/162/163/164 Contracts  
This course covers the general function of contracts and the scope of legal protection accorded contracts, including the examination of such matters as formation of contracts, rights of third parties, mistake, assignment, conditions, performance, breach, and remedies. Economic and psychological aspects of the subject are considered along with legal history, comparative law and modern statutory developments.
6 credits, two terms
Professor Bailey/Professor Bala/Professor Cockfield/Professor Karton/Professor Pratt
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LAW-170/171 Criminal Law  
Study of principles upon which criminal guilt is determined, including defences such as intoxication, mental disorder and self-defence. The course also critically assesses the impact of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the adversary system, the presumption of innocence, ethical issues in roles of prosecutors and defence counsel, issues of diversity and sentencing. Special consideration is given to the offences of murder, manslaughter and sexual assault.
6 credits, two terms
Professor Freedman/Professor Stuart
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LAW-115/116/117 Introduction to Legal Research
The course will cover the fundamentals of legal research such as legislation, caselaw, secondary sources, and citation.  It will deal with basic concepts of legal research in an academic environment including legal authorities, accurate attribution of sources, the assessment of information in a variety of formats, and effective techniques for locating relevant information.  The course will also cover research strategies and provide an introduction to forms of legal writing, introducing students to certain types of legal documents such as memos, facta and case comments.
1 credit, two terms
Ms. Kaufman and Ms. Taylor
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LAW-180/181 Property  
This course examines the nature of property. It is an introduction to personal property. Real property: historical introduction; estates in land; interests less than estates; future interests; rights by adverse possession; co-ownership; land use control by private means is discussed.
6 credits, two terms
Professor Essert/Professors Pardy and Banks
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LAW-140/141/142 Public Law  
Study of Anglo-Canadian legal norms governing state powers: 'rule of law', nation-to-nation relations, relationship between states and citizens, role and independence of the judiciary and constraints on executive and administrative power.
4 credits, fall term
Professor Corbett/Professors Corbett and Metcalf/Professor Metcalf
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LAW-190/191/192/193 Torts  
This course examines the private law system's response to people in the
wrong place at the wrong time - torts cases generally involve incidents of
accident, injury, disaster, or intentional harm. The course will examine the
elements of negligence (duty, standard of care, causation, remoteness, and
damages). Intentional torts are also discussed. Special topics may also
include products liability, medical malpractice, strict liability,
defamation, business torts, environmental torts, and statutory liability.
6 credits, two terms
Professor Hanson/Professors Pardy and Knutsen/Professor Peppin/Professor Pratt
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Law Courses of Instruction First-Year Compulsory Courses
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