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University Code of Conduct
All students are required to adhere to the University's Code of Conduct. They should also bear in mind that compliance with this code implies non-participation in disturbances such as street parties which have been formally prohibited by the Senate, adherence to the laws governing the possession and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages and generally maintaining the reputation of the University. Initial responsibility for the enforcement of the Code rests with the Alma Mater Society and the Society of Graduate and Professional Students on behalf of the Senate. Students who violate the Code are brought before the AMS or SGPS Judicial Committees. Jurisdiction in cases involving non-academic discipline in an academic setting, and academic dishonesty, rests with the relevant Faculty or School. Any recommendations for expulsion or suspension must be forwarded to the Senate for approval.
In general terms, acceptable conduct does not infringe on the rights of other members of the University community and conforms to the regulations of the University and its subordinate jurisdictions and to the law of the land. Hence it must be emphasized that the University's system of non-academic discipline should not be regarded as a substitute for the civil or criminal law but rather as a complementary system that may be derived naturally from our existence as a clearly distinguishable community of interests. The following conduct is unacceptable and constitutes an offence within the University community:
a a violation of published rules and regulations of the University or of any authorized rule-making body within the University.
b failure to comply with the directions of officials of the University acting within the scope of their authority.
c theft, vandalism, and willful or negligent damage to the property of Queen's or of a member of the University community, or of the AMS, SGPS, or of any other University organization.
d i assault of any nature;
ii discrimination or harassment, based, among other grounds, on race, religion, gender, handicap, ethnicity, national origin or sexual orientation.
e all forms of academic dishonesty such as plagiarism, cheating, furnishing false information to the University, forgery, misuse of University documents.
f a violation of the rights of any member of the University community.
"Any reprisal or express or implied threat of reprisal for making and pursuing a complaint under any procedure authorized by the University is deemed to be an offence against the University Code of Conduct."

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Law Regulations & Policies University Code of Conduct
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