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University Computer Code of Ethics
The information below is an extract of the Senate's policy on use of computers. Students are responsible for making themselves fully aware of the complete policy which is available at the following web address:
Users are ultimately responsible for any and all use of their computing accounts. Consequently, users should...
- maintain secure passwords for all accounts assigned to them
- take precautions against others obtaining unauthorized access to their computing resources. This obligation applies particularly to users who are responsible for confidential information
- not willingly divulge passwords and other access control information for their personal accounts to any other person.
Users must...
- not use or attempt to use computing facilities or accounts to which they have not been granted explicit access by an appropriate system administrator
- use computing facilities and services only for the purposes for which they were authorized
- respect all copyrights and licenses associated with university computing facilities
- not attempt to interfere with the normal operation of a shared system
- not attempt to encroach on others' use of computing facilities or to deprive others of resources
- not attempt to subvert the restrictions associated with their computing accounts
- not use computing facilities to send obscene, vulgar or harassing messages
- not attempt unauthorized access to computing installations outside of Queen's using  
Queen's computers or communications facilities.
Alleged violations of the Code shall be dealt with as outlined in the document Procedures for Cases of Computer Abuse. Individuals or groups who feel that there has been a violation of the Code are directed to the document Proceedings for Lodging a Complaint of Computer Abuse.

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Law Regulations & Policies University Computer Code of Ethics
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