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The functions of the Faculty Board are:

Board is responsible for deciding all academic policies and regulations but may delegate certain ongoing functions to committees that may be more efficient and appropriate. "*"
1.   To recommend to the Senate programs of study leading to a
      degree, and the conditions of admission.
2.   To decide upon applications for admission or for change of program, 
      subject to the regulations of the Senate.
3.   To submit to the Senate names for both ordinary and honorary
4.   To arrange the timetable for classes, conducting of examinations, 
      and for the editing of the calendar, subject to the approval of the 
5.   To control registration, subject to the regulations of the Senate.*
6.   To deal with class failures.*
7.   To exercise academic supervision over students.*
8.   To make such recommendations to the Senate as may be deemed
      expedient for promoting the efficiency of the University.
9.   To award Faculty Scholarships, Medals, and Prizes.*
10. To pass such regulations and by-laws as may be necessary for the
      exercise of the functions of the Faculty.
11. To review its membership, terms of reference and policies every
      three years or as necessary.

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