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The Aesculapian Society
The Aesculapian Society was organized by the medical students of Queen's University in 1872. All students registered in the School of Medicine become active members of the Society, which includes as honorary members all graduates in Medicine and members of the School of Medicine at Queen's University. It is hoped that every medical student will take an active part in the Society, which is dedicated to the promotion of the general interests of the Medical Faculty and to the control of matters affecting medical students in their relationships one to another, to other student organizations at Queen's University and elsewhere, and to the Faculty of Medicine, Senate, and other governing bodies of Queen's University. Control of the Society is vested in an Executive which is elected annually by closed ballot of all active members. To the Executive Committee are responsible the Year Executives, Formal Committee, Variety Night Committee, the Aesculapian Society, H.G.Kelly Lectureship Committee, Building Fund Committee, Athletic Committee, Orientation Committee, the Aesculapian Trust Fund, and other elected or appointed committees of medical students.

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