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Undergraduate Medical Education Team
            Zdenka Wimmer Ko

Curriculum Coordinator, First Year

Tel: 613-533-6000   Ext: 77804

Tara Hartman

Curriculum Coordinator, Second Year

Tel: 613-533-6000   Ext: 79546

Candace Trott

Curricular Coordinator, Clerkship Core Curriculum

Tel: 613-533-6000   Ext: 74102

Jane Gordon

Curricular Coordinator, Clerkship

Tel: 613-533-6000   Ext: 75162

            Sheryl Clarkson

Curricular Support Assistant

Tel: 613-533-2542


Rebecca Jozsa

Admissions Officer

Tel: 613-533-6000   Ext: 78017

Kathryn Bowes

Clinical Skills Coordinator

Tel: 613-533-6528

Danielle Wallace

Admissions/Clinical Skills Assistant

Tel: 613-533-6000   Ext: 74141

Amanda Consack

Student Support/Assessment Coordinator

Tel: 613-533-6948

Hayley Zomer

Student Support Assistant

Tel: 613-533-6000   Ext: 79341


Student Support Assistant

Tel: 613-533-2542

            Brian Rutz

Student Support- Finance and Awards

Tel: 613-533-6000   Ext: 77528

            Caitlin Eales

Student Affairs & Career Counseling Assistant

Tel: 613-533-6000   Ext: 78451


            Catherine Isaacs

Coordinator, Accreditation, Quality Assurance

& Student Assessment

Tel: 613-533-6000   Ext: 75581

Sue Fostaty-Young

Assessment & Evaluation Consultant

Tel: 613-533-6000   Ext: 78094

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