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Each year the Queen's School of Medicine coordinates its initial round of offers with the other Ontario Medical Schools.  This means that you will receive the results of your application some time during May.  After the initial round of offers and declines, we will continue to send offers until the class has been filled.  All applicants will receive an email relating to the outcome of their application.   Finally, once the class has been filled, an email will be sent to all applicants on the waitlist.  For these reasons, it is important that if you change your email from the one appearing on the OMSAS application that you let us know.  If you wish to update you email address click here. 

Deferred Registration

Requests for deferred registration will be considered by the Admissions Committee from highly qualified students wishing to complete the requirements for their undergraduate or graduate degree before enrolling in the School of Medicine. A maximum of ten students wishing to complete the requirements for their undergraduate or graduate degree may be accepted for deferred registration. Requests for deferral will be considered as they are received and must be received by August 1st of the year of acceptance to be considered. Normally, deferred registration will be granted for one year.

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