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Graduate Studies Admission & Registration Academic Qualifications for Admission

Academic Qualifications for Admission

Queen’s University Policy on the Basis of Admission for Advanced Study

To satisfy the basis of admission to any advanced-entry professional or graduate degree program at Queen's University, it is expected that previous academic credentials will be from an institution providing an academic environment and education that prepares students for potential success in advanced study at Queen's.

Canadian Credentials

Within Canada, such institutions might reasonably be considered to reflect the following qualities and characteristics:

1) Authority from the provincial legislature to grant degrees

2) Administrative and governance appropriate for a university 

   a. Academic staff and Senate (or other appropriately elected body) with authority to make decisions affecting academic programs

   b. Independent board of governors, or appropriate equivalent

   c. Senior administration, normally a President and Vice-Presidents

3) Approved, clearly articulated mission statements and academic goals that include a commitment to teaching, research, and community service.

4) Teaching mission at a university level with the majority of programs at that level.

5) Offer a full program or programs of undergraduate degree and/or graduate degree studies.

   a. Academic staff with PhDs or other appropriate terminal degrees

   b. Undergraduate programs taught by senior academic staff

   c. Quality assurance mechanisms, with provision for periodic evaluation of academic staff

   d. Access to library and other learning resources

   e. The periodical monitoring of graduate outcomes

   f. Academic counseling and other student services

   g. Financial resources to meet its mission statement and goals

6) Undergraduate degree programs, including professional degrees, are characterized by breadth and depth in the traditional areas of the liberal arts and/or sciences.

7) A proven record of scholarship, academic inquiry and research

   a. Expectation that faculty will be engaged in peer-adjudicated external reviews

   b. An environment that focuses on intellectual inquiry

8) An environment that respects the search for and communication of knowledge, respects academic freedom, encourages high standards of achievement, and values intellectual honesty, fairness, and integrity.

International Credentials

Academic credentials obtained outside of Canada would normally be expected to be from an accredited university-level institution pursuant to the national accreditation system within the issuing country.

Admission to graduate degree programs at Queen’s University

Applicants who wish to be considered for admission to a graduate degree programs must hold the minimum qualifications as listed above. Departments/Programs may require higher qualifications and/or require applicants to write the Graduate Record Examination.

1. Members of faculty at Queen's University above the rank of lecturer are not eligible to register in a degree program in the Department or Program (or where there is no Department, the Faculty or School or program) in which they hold appointments.
2.  Members of faculty, above the rank of lecturer, who wish to proceed to a graduate degree in another department or program or faculty must obtain permission
   1) from their Head of the Department/Program and the Dean of the Faculty in which they hold an appointment;
   2) from the Head of the Department/Program in which the graduate studies are to be undertaken;
   3) from the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies.
The guidelines for granting such permission are delineated in the Minutes of the Senate Meeting held on 27 March 1980.
Master's Program
The minimum qualification for admission is second class standing in one of the following degrees, awarded by an eligible institution according to the criteria of the Queen’s University Policy on the Basis of Admission for Advanced Study:  
   a. an honours bachelor degree in Arts or in Science,
   b. or a bachelor degree in Applied Science or Law,
   c. or the degree of Doctor of Medicine,
   d. or equivalent.
The qualifications of an applicant who has a bachelor's general degree with not less than a B grade average and has completed one academic year of satisfactory full-time study as a qualifying student may be considered as equivalent. See Qualifying Student section.
NOTE: For the master's program in Education, refer to the departmental prescription for the admission qualifications.
Doctoral Program

The minimum qualification for admission is one of the following:

a. successful completion of a master's degree.

b. promotion from a Master's program to a doctoral program: students who have been registered full time for at least two terms and before completing five terms in a master's program at Queen's University, who have first-class standing, and who show exceptional promise in their research, may be considered for promotion to a doctoral program in the same Department/Program, without completion of the master's degree. Promotion to a doctoral program requires the recommendation of the Department/Program, the approval of the Faculty Graduate Council/Committee according to its established procedures, and the approval of the School of Graduate Studies.

c. direct entry: students with unquestionably superior standing in their honours bachelor's degree, or equivalent, may be considered for direct admission to a doctoral program. Students admitted in this way must complete a minimum of two session-length or four term length graduate courses during the doctoral program.

NOTE: Students admitted to a doctoral program under a., b. or c., may not revert to the master's program within the same department/program. In exceptional circumstances, the student may, after withdrawal from the doctoral program, seek readmission to the master's program in the same department/program, or make application for admission to a master's program in another department/program, through the normal application procedures.

Graduate Studies Admission & Registration Academic Qualifications for Admission
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