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2016-2017 Academic Year

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Graduate Studies Programs of Study Biomedical and Molecular Sciences

Biomedical and Molecular Sciences

Associate Head, Postgraduate Education

Winn, L.M.


Graduate Coordinator

Winn, L.M.


Field Coordinators of Graduate Studies


M.Sc. (Anatomical Sciences)

MacKenzie, L.W.


Biochemistry and Cell Biology

Cote, G.P.


Experimental Medicine

Ward, C.A.


Microbes, Immunity and Inflammation

Martin, N.L.


Reproduction and Developmental Sciences

Pang, S.C. (Fall term)/Graham, C.H. (Winter term)


Therapeutics, Drug Development, and Human Toxicology

Massey, T.E.  




Adams, M.A., Andrew, R.D., Banfield, B., Bennett, B.M., Carstens, E.B., Côté, G.P., Croy, B.A., Davies, P.L., Ferguson, A.V., Fisher, J.T., Funk, C.D., Graham, C.H., Iscoe, S.D., Jarrell, K.F., Jia, Z., Jones, G., Kan, F.W.K., Kawaja, M.D., Magoski, N.S., Mak, A.S., Massey, T.E., Maurice, D.H., Mueller, C.R., Munoz, D.P., Nakatsu, K., Neder, J.A., Oko, R.J., Pang, S.C.2, Paré, M., Petkovich, P.M., Poole, R.K.2, Raptis, L.H., Reifel, C.W., Reynolds, J.N.1, Rose, P.K., Scott, S.H., Smith, S.P., Szewczuk, M.R.1, Winn, L.M.


Associate Professor

Allingham, J., Basta, S., Blohm, G., Craig, A.W.B.2, Dumont, E.C., Easteal, R.A., Gee, K., Hill, B.C., Lomax, A.E.G., MacKenzie, L.W., MacLeod, R.J., Martin, N., Tayade, C.3, Tomalty, L., Ward, C.A., Zhang, S. 


Assistant Professor

Duan, Q., Ghasemlou, N., Koti, M., Ormiston, M., Ozolins, T.R.S.3


Professor Emeritus

Abrahams, V.C., Aston, W.P., Boegman, R.J., Chapler, C.K., Clark, A., Brien, J.F., Flynn, T.G., Forkert, P.G., Forsdyke, D.R., Jellinck, P.H., Jennings, D.B., Jhamandas, K.H., Joneja, M.G., Ossenburg, N., Racz, W.J., Shin, S.H., Sinclair, D.G., Zarzecki, P.



Baranchuk, A.M., Beyak, M.K., Blennerhassett, M., Cole, S.P.C., Culham, E.G., Daugulis, A.J., Davey, S., Deeley, R.G., Dringenberg, H.C., Duggan, S., Elliott, B.E., Ellis, A., Ellis, R., Evans, G.A., Fitzpatrick, M.R., Flanagan, J.R., Flavin, M.P., Flynn, L., Gilron, I., Greer, P.A., Holden, R., Jin, A., Johri, A., Justinich, C.J., King-VanVlack, C.E., Leger, A., Lougheed, M.D., Martinez-Cajas, J., Nicol, C.J., O'Donnell, D.E., Olmstead, E.C., Parker, C.M., Parlow, J., Paterson, W.G., Petrof, E., Plaxton, W.C., Redfearn, D.P., Rivest, F., Robertson, R.M., Ropeleski, M.J., Siemens, D.R., Sivilotti, M.L.A., Smith, G.N., Tschakovsky, M.E., Van Vugt, D.A., Vanner, S.J., Walker, V., Wobeser, W.L.


Adjunct Professor

Anastassiades, T.P.


Adjunct Associate Professor

Baer, A.R., Brockhausen, I., Cahill, C.M., Dorris, M.C., Othman, M.


Adjunct Assistant Professor

Bedard, L.L., Campbell, R., Chitayat, S., Elbatarny, H.S., Finnen, R.L., Graham, L.A., Kim, P.M., Madarnas, Y., Majury, A.L.S., McNamee, J.P, Philbrook, N., Ratz, J., Selbie, W.S.,Tse, M.Y., Walker, R.M.



1 On Sabbatical Leave Fall 2016

2 On Sabbatical Leave Winter 2017

3 On Sabbatical Leave Fall 2017 and Winter 2017

Facilities The Department of Biomedical and Molecular Sciences (DBMS) is located in Botterell Hall, which also houses the Bracken Health Sciences library and excellent animal care facilities. Students in the DBMS graduate program will have access to infrastructure and expertise from 58 primary DBMS faculty members, which includes 5 Tier I and 3 Tier II Canada Research Council Chairs, in the Centre for Cardiac, Circulation, and Respiratory Science, the Gastrointestinal Disease Research Unit, the Centre for Neuroscience Studies, the Research Group in Reproduction, Development, and Sexual Function, the Protein Function and Discovery Facility and the Divisions of Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Emergency Medicine, Neurology and Respirology in the Faculty of Health Sciences. In addition to the unique equipment found in the laboratories of participating faculty, additional resources available to students include a common animal care facility, common autoclaves, common and individual bacterial incubators, common and individual centrifuges, common cold rooms, common confocal microscopes, common and individual fluorescent microscopes, common dark rooms, common and individual gel documentation systems, a common electron microscopy suite, and a common stores.
Financial Assistance Graduate students are encouraged to apply to external granting agencies for fellowships and studentships. Research assistantships from grants held by members of faculty, and teaching assistantships, are available. Thesis based graduate students enrolled in the DBMS graduate program will receive funding packages to assist with living expenses and coverage of tuition: MSc - $19,000 minimum stipend; PhD - $21,000 minimum stipend.
Fields of Research

Both master's and doctoral students may choose to concentrate on one of the following fields of study:

Programs of Study Applicants are accepted under the general regulations of the School of Graduate Studies.

PATTERN I: Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Biomedical and Molecular Sciences

The Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Biomedical and Molecular Sciences consists of course work, seminars, research project and thesis (with oral defense).

Applicants are accepted under the general regulations of the School of Graduate Studies.

Admission requirement: minimum second class standing in an honours bachelor’s degree.

PATTERN II: Master of Science (Anatomical Sciences)(M.Sc.[A.S.])

The Master of Science (Anatomical Sciences) is a 16-month intensive program of courses and practicum focused on educating and training students to teach and design anatomical curriculum in health sciences.This program is structured around three basic pillars of post-secondary education: Content, Pedagogical and Inquiry Competence. Students are provided with in-depth courses in the four anatomical disciplines, together with courses on teaching and learning in higher education (one full and seven half advanced courses). The practicum provides the students with hands-on experience in human gross anatomy dissection, techniques in specimen preparation, histology techniques, electronic media, digital imaging technology for anatomical sciences, and classroom (both large and small) and laboratory teaching in undergraduate and graduate courses. Students also complete an independent research study with project topics selected from areas in Anatomy and Cell Biology, Pedagogy in Anatomical Sciences or Instructional Technology.

Students are admitted annually on September 1.

Admission requirement: A recognized honours degree with a background in Biology or Health Sciences or equivalent professional degrees (BN.Sc., B.Sc. PT).


Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Biomedical and Molecular Sciences

This a research degree requiring approximately four years of study. The number of courses prescribed depends on the student's background in relation to the chosen field of study. The research and thesis will normally take up at least two thirds of the student's full-time study requirements. All doctoral students are required to take a two-part comprehensive examination within the first eighteen months of the program.

Admission requirement: A Master’s degree is normally required for admission to the Ph.D. program although in certain circumstances direct admission to the Ph.D. program is possible.

Mini-Master's examination: A student registered in the M.Sc. program in DBMS with an excellent academic record and exceptional ability to perform research, may be accelerated into a Ph.D. program upon recommendation of the Biomedical and Molecular Sciences program and following submission and defense of a 'mini-master's' thesis. This is an abbreviated write-up of the candidate's research carried out to date as well as a general plan to complete the Ph.D. research. It is recommended that a 'mini-master's' should be considered in the first 1.5 years of the program for students performing at excellent levels.

Graduate Studies Programs of Study Biomedical and Molecular Sciences
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