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Fleming Hall
(78 Fifth Field Company Drive)

Fleming Hall is composed of two wings: Jemmett Wing which sits just west of Carruthers Hall and faces Benidickson Field; and Stewart-Pollock Wing which is tucked between Ontario and Clark Halls. A link joining the two wings is located in the lane between Carruthers and Clark Halls.

Stuart-Pollock Wing Entrance
The Stewart-Pollock Wing is accessible and has an automatic opener. The level entrance is located under the link for the 2 wings.

Jemmett Wing Entrance
The Jemmett Wing is not accessible.

The elevator is located on the left of the entrance to the Stuart-Pollock Wing. The elevator accesses all levels of the Stuart-Pollock Wing.

There are accessible washrooms on all levels of the Stewart-Pollock Wing.

Permit parking is available in the lot behind Miller Hall. There is one accessible metered space on Union street at the Physical Education Centre.

Entering Fleming Hall's Stewart-Pollock Wing
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Entering Fleming Hall's Stewart-Pollock Wing.

Map showing access to Fleming Hall's Stewart-Pollock Wing
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Access to Fleming Hall's Stewart-Pollock Wing

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