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Stirling Hall
(64 Queen's Crescent)

Stirling Hall is located on Queen's Crescent east of Chernoff Hall.

Main Entrance
The main entrance is not accessible.

Accessible Entrance
The accessible entrance is at the back of Stirling Hall facing the parking lot off Stuart Street and east of the Rideau Building. The door has an automatic opener and enters on level 1 (basement). Please note: This door is locked at 5:00 p.m. on weekdays.

There are two elevators: One is located on the left, just inside the accessible entrance. It serves the building periphery including the faculty offices on level 2. The other elevator serves the building core including lecture theatres A, B, C and D. To get to the core elevator proceed past the elevator near the accessible entrance, turn left and then right.

To access the lecture theatres take the core elevator to level 2. Theatre A is on the left of the elevator, Theatres B and C are on the right and Theatre D is to the right then straight.

The theatres are wheelchair accessible at the lecture podium level. Go through room 202 (audio visual room) to reach the wheelchair accessible area in Theatres B and C.

Theatres B and C are closed to the public outside normal business hours.

Note: The elevators require a key after normal business hours. Contact the Physics Department's general office to arrange for a key.

An accessible washroom is located on level 1 (basement). From the accessible entrance follow the hall around, at the southeast fire exit, turn left and follow the hallway to the end and turn right. When you get to the sign "east corridor" turn left and then make a right to the unisex washroom.

Permit parking is available in the lot behind Stirling Hall off Stuart Street, and on Queen's Crescent. Time-limited parking is available on St. Lawrence Avenue.

Check the classroom website for the accessibility of Stirling Hall classrooms.

Students with classes in Stirling Hall can arrange a building tour and elevator key through the Physics Department's general office.

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Accessible entrance to Stirling Hall.

Map showing Stirling Hall's accessible entrance
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Access to Stirling Hall.

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