The Snodgrass Arboretum at Queen's University
The Snodgrass Arboretum at Queen's University
(Picture courtesy from Eric Tremblay)
Arboretum summer Arboretum autumn
Summer at arboretum                            Autumn at arboretum

A resource document is available as a supplementary science and environmental education handbook. To acquire a copy of this document or to book a guided tour, please contact:

Parking and Grounds
Physical Plant Services
Rideau Building, 207 Stuart Street
Queen's University
Kingston, ONI. K71,3N6

613 533-6979

The arboretum text and tree photos were prepared by Ms. Jennifer Havelock. This work was coordinated by Mr. Howard  C. Pearce.

This webpage was designed by Ms. Lang Gao, with the supervision of Dr. David L. A. Gordon, at School of Urban and regional planning  Queen's University.

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