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Heritage Study

Heritage Policy
Inventory and Evaluation
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Queen's University Campus Planning and Development
Commonwealth Historic Resource Management Ltd.

- in brief

1  History
2  Heritage Policy
3  Landscapes
4  Residential Buildings
5  Institutional Buildings
6  Methodology
APPENDIX A:  Residential Buildings Not Owned by Queen Queen's University (Inventoried & Evaluated for Context)
APPENDIX B:  Options for Heritage Protection

TABLE OF CONTENTS - in detail -   (PDF version)
Queen's University and its Neighbourhood: A Cultural Landscape
Lot 24
Summary of Lot 24
Lot 23
Queen's University
Historic Perimeter
Post-1920 Expansion
List of Maps & Illustrations
1.    Introduction
1.1    Purpose
1.2    Objectives
1.3     Essential Features

2.    Principles and Definitions
2.1    Heritage Policy Statement
2.2     Conservation Principles
2.3     Definitions and Levels of Intervention
2.3.1    Minimal Interventions
2.3.2    Moderate Interventions
2.3.3     Maximum Interventions

3.    Management Process
3.1    Overview
3.2     Documentation
3.3    Levels of Scrutiny
3.4     Permitted Interventions in Existing Properties
3.5    Obsolete Properties
3.6     New Development

4.     Ongoing Maintenance & Stewardship
4.1     Conservation and Enhancement
4.2    Future Updates to the Inventory and Evaluation

Map of Landscapes
Evaluation Rating of Landscapes
L-1     Summerhill Lawns
L-2    Lower Campus-Kingston Field
L-3    Fleming Field
L-4    The Medical Quadrangle
L-5     Miller, Humphrey, Kathleen Ryan Halls - Parking Court
L-6    Campus Road
L-7    Inner Campus Spaces
L-8    Lower University Avenue
L-9    Applied Engineering Block
L-10    Union Street
L-11    Arch, Deacon and Barrie Streets
L-12    Dunning-Macdonald Courtyard
L-13    Policy Studies and Richardson Courtyards
L-14    Mackintosh-Corry Hall - (Exterior Street and Plaza)
L-15    Tindall Field and Parking Area
L-16    Queen's Crescent
L-17    Stuart Street
L-18    King Street West
L-19    Lower University Avenue and Heating Plant
L-20    Lower East Campus
L-21    Leonard Field
L-22    Albert Street
L-23    Upper University Avenue
L-24    Clergy Street West
L-25    Earl Street
L-26    William Street
L-27    Division Street
Map of Landscapes
Evaluation Ratings of Residential Builings

11 Albert St.
15,17 Albert St.
19,21 Albert St.
23 Albert St.
96 Albert St.
108 Albert St.
120 Albert St
130 Albert St.
134 Albert St.
142 Albert St.
144 Albert St.
148 Albert St.
152 Albert St.
154 Albert St.
General Comments on Albert Street

135-139 Alfred St.
151-153 Alfred St.
159 Alfred St.
161-163 Alfred St.
General Comments on Alfred Street

11 Arch St.
General Comments on Arch Street

18 Barrie St.
26 Barrie St.
28 Barrie St.
64 Barrie St.
66 Barrie St.
68-70 Barrie St.
78 Barrie St.
82-84 Barrie St.
98-100 Barrie St.
102 Barrie St.
144 Barrie St.
146 Barrie St.
162-164 Barrie St.
170 Barrie St.
172-174 Barrie St.
178 Barrie St.
180 Barrie St.
188-190 Barrie St.
General Comments on Barrie St.

11 Clergy St. W.
15-1/2 Clergy St. W.
17 Clergy St.
25 Clergy St.
27 Clergy St.
29-31 Clergy St.
35-37 Clergy St.
39 Clergy St.
41 Clergy St.
45 Clergy St.
83 Clergy St.
85-87 Clergy St.
91 Clergy St.
95 Clergy St.
99 Clergy St.
101 Clergy St.
103 Clergy St.
General Comments on Clergy St.

137 Collingwood St.
141 Collingwood St.
143-145 Collingwood St.

39 Division St.
47 Division St.
49 Division St.

226 Earl St.
246 Earl St.
264-266 Earl St.
286 Earl St.
302 Earl St.
304-306 Earl St.
307 Earl St.
308 Earl St.
310 Earl St.
314 Earl St.
316 Earl St.
325 Earl St.
General Comments on Earl St.

115 King St. West.

32 Queen's Cres.
51 Queen's Cres.
72 Queen's Cres.
82 Queen's Cres.
86 Queen's Cres.
90 Queen's Cres.
96 Queen's Cres.
104 Queen's Cres.
119 Queen's Cres.
123 Queen's Cres.
127 Queen's Cres.
General Comments on Queen's Crescent

9 St. Lawrence Ave.
11 St. Lawrence Ave.
16 St. Lawrence Ave.

140 Stuart St.
154 Stuart St.
160 Stuart St.
174 Stuart St.
180 Stuart St.
184 Stuart St.
187 Stuart St.
194 Stuart St.
196 Stuart St.
198-202 Stuart St.
215 Stuart St.
217-221 Stuart St.
214-218 Stuart St.
222 Stuart St.
223 Stuart St.
224 Stuart St.
General Comments on Stuart Street

169 Union St.
184 Union St.
186 Union St.

169 University Ave.
174 University Ave.
176 University Ave.
178 University Ave.
181 University Ave.
182-184 University Ave.
183 University Ave.
185 University Ave.
186 University Ave.
187 University Ave.
189 University Ave.
190 University Ave.
191 University Ave.
192 University Ave.
193-195 University Ave.
194 University Ave.
196 University Ave.
199 University Ave.
General Comments on University Avenue

Map of Institutional Buildings
Evaluation Rating of Institutional Buildings
I-1     Summerhill
I-2     Old Medical Building
I-3     Agnes Etherington Art Centre
I-4     Theological Hall
I-5     Carruthers Hall
I-6     Victoria School
I-7     Ontario Hall
I-8     Kingston Hall
I-9     Fleming Hall- Jemmet Wing
I-10     Grant Hall
I-11     Jackson Hall
I-12     Kathleen Ryan Hall
I-13     Gordon Hall
I-14     Nicol Hall
I-15     Central Heating Planv I-16     Douglas Library
I-17     Ban Righ Hall
I-18     The Richardson Laboratory
I-19     Gymnasium
I-20     Miller Hall
I-21     University Club
I-22     Craine Hall
I-23     McLaughlin Hall
I-24     John Deutsch Student Centre
I-25     Clark Hall
I-26     Adelaide Hall
I-27     Richardson Hall
I-28     McNeill House
I-29     Abramsky Hall
I-30     Ellis Hall
I-31     Morris Hall
I-32     Etherington Hall
I-33     Leonard Hall
I-34     Dunning Hall
I-35     Dunning Auditorium
I-36     Chown Hall
I-37     Sir John A. Macdonald Hall
I-38     Frost Wing
I-39     Stirling Hall
I-40     Louise D. Acton Building
I-41     Fleming Hall - Stewart Pollock Wing
I-42     Douglas Library Addition
I-43     Victoria Hall
I-44     Gordon - Brockington Hall
I-45     Earl Hall
I-46     Dupuis Hall
I-47     Watson Hall
I-48     Waldron Tower
I-49     Humphery Hall
I-50     Cataraqui Hall
I-51     Jeffery Hall
I-52     LaSalle Building
I-53     Harkness Hall
I-54     Jock Harty Arena
I-55     Rideau Building
I-56     St. Lawrence Building
I-57     Goodwin Hall
I-58     Bruce Wing
I-59     Mackintosh - Corry Hall
I-60     Harrison - LeCaine Hall
I-61     Botterell Hall
I-62     Walter Light Hall
I-63     School of Policy Studies
1.     Introduction
1.1     Study Scope
1.2     Geographical Scope
1.3     Project Schedule

2.     Products
2.1     Technical Report
2.2     Report on Methodology
2.3     Report on Planning Policies and Controls
2.4     Inventory and Evaluation Files
2.5     Computerized Data Entry
2.6     Project Team

3.     Information Gathering and Research
4.     Site Inspection and Inventory
4.1     Inventory Process
4.2     Landscapes
4.3     Residential Buildings
4.4     Institutional Buildings
4.5     Inventory Forms

5.     The Evaluation Process
5.1     Landscape Evaluation Process and Form
5.2     Architectural Evaluation Process and Form

6.     Conclusions and Recommendations

APPENDIX A:  Residential Buildings Not Owned by Queen Queen's University (Inventoried & Evaluated for Context)
Evaluation Rating of Buildings
138 Albert St.
136 Alfred St.
157 Alfred St.
91 Arch St.
20-24 Barrie St.
34-36 Barrie St.
62 Barrie St.
72 Barrie St.
80 Barrie St.
148 Barrie St.
152-156 Barrie St.
184-186 Barrie St.
204-206 Barrie St.
Kingston Public Utilities Commission No. 9 Substation (Clergy at Division)
75 Clergy St. W.
81 Clergy St. W.
93 Clergy St. W.
318-320 Earl Street
Kingston Collegiate & Vocational Institute (KCVI) Frontenac St.
212 Stuart St.
APPENDIX B:  options for Heritage Protection
Options for Heritage Protection
Option 1: Designation under the Ontario Heritage Act
1.1     The Ontario Heritage Act, Part IV
1.2     The Ontario Heritage Act, Part V
1.3     Combinations of Parts IV and V
1.4     A Comparison of Parts IV and V
1.4     New Heritage Legislation
Option 2: Policies within the Ontario Planning Act
Option 3: Other Policy Tools
Option 4: Self-Managed Heritage Policy
4.1     Voluntary Conservation
4.2     Prototypes