Five Sculptures on Topological Themes 3.    Alan Dickson
(Canadian, b. 1937, England)
Five Sculptures on Topological Themes, 1972
terrazzo, portland cement, marble chips, epoxy
Commissioned by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, 1971

Located south east of Jeffery Hall

Alan Dickson was trained at the Slade School of Fine Art in England. He emigrated to Canada in 1970 to become a professor of Fine Art at Queen's University. Soon thereafter, Dickson was commissioned by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics to create Sculptures on Topological Themes as part of an initiative to enhance Jeffery Hall and its surroundings. In these forms, Dickson investigates the concept of infinity as represented by the phenomenon of the mobius strip, a physical structure that is paradoxically both three-dimensional and one-sided.

Article: The Donut on the Pole
by Catherine Hale, Queen's Journal

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