Pyramidal Structure - Sakkarah 4.    Victor Tolgesy
(Canadian, b. 1928, Hungary - 1980)
Pyramidal Structure - Sakkarah, 1971
Commissioned by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, 1971

Located on the plaza west of Jeffery Hall

Victor Tolgesy was born in Hungary and emigrated to Canada in 1951. Sakkarah was commissioned by the Department of Mathematics for the sunken courtyard on the east side of Jeffery Hall. For this site, where the sculpture would typically be seen from above, Tolgesy chose to work with a pyramidal structure as it would not suffer perspectival distortion when viewed from a height. Sakkarah, a purely formalist sculpture, is about the intersection of two forms: the sphere and the pyramid. The artist's self-imposed restraint of visual motifs creates a lyrical quality where one shape responds to the other in a visual rhythm. When repairs were made to the courtyard, the sculpture was moved to its present location.

Article: The Big Orange Triangle
by Catherine Hale, Queen's Journal

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