Untitled 7.    André Fauteux
(Canadian, b. 1946)
Untitled, 1973
Donated by Gesta Abols, 1985

Located on the northeast wall of the Biosciences Complex

On the occasion of André Fauteux's ten-year retrospective at the Agnes Etherington Art Centre in 1982, curator Karen Wilkin described his work as "a continuing conflict between a Platonic sense of the ideal and a modernist appreciation of the unpredictable." This tension is evident in Fauteux's Untitled. The artist's customary sculptural materials, slender beams of steel, are assembled to produce the long central rectangle. At first glance, the sculpture appears symmetrical. However, the slight curvature along the width of the sculpture and the short arm protruding on the right reveal that it is not. This subtle and elegant form hovers between the ideal and the deviant.

Article: The Biosci Box
by Catherine Hale, Queen's Journal

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