Urban Forest Plan

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Urban Forest Plan

Table of Contents


Executive Summary

 A     Overview
  1        Background
  2        Campus Structure and Character
  3        Tree Condition
  4        The Need for Money, Staff and Life Cycle Approach

 B     Recommendations for Each Space
  1        Summerhill Park
  2        Kingston Field
  3        Benidickson Field
  4        Arch, Deacon and Barrie Streets
  5        Medical Quadrangle
  6        Miller, Humphrey, Kathleen Ryan Halls
  7        Fifth Field Company Lane (Formerly Campus Road)
  8        Inner Campus
  9        University Avenue
10        University Avenue - East Side Yards
11        Union Street
12        Applied Engineering Block
13        Dunning-Macdonald Courtyard
14        Richardson Courtyard
15        Mackintosh-Corry Exterior Street and Arts Quadrangle
16        Policy Studies Courtyard
17        Tindall Field and Parking lot
18        Queen’s Crescent and Stuart Street West
19        Stuart Street East
20        University Club
21        Lower University Avenue and Central Heating Plant
22        Lower East Campus
23        Leonard Field
24        West Campus: Duncan McArthur and Jean Royce Halls
25        West Campus: John Orr Tower and Water Tower
26        West Campus: Richardson Stadium
27        West Campus: Boundary Hedgerows
28        Donald Gordon Centre

 C      What the University Should Do
  1        Tree Inventory System
  2        Management Program
  3        Training
  4        Comprehensive Grounds Revitalization Strategy
  5        Fundraising
  6        Conclusion