Urban Forest Plan

Exterior Street
84. Exterior Street

Arts Quadrangle
85. Arts Quadrangle

Existing Condition
86. Existing Condition

Improvement Concept
87. Improvement Concept


The Arts Quadrangle to the south of Mackintosh-Corry Hall is at the hub of major pedestrian routes and should be developed as a significant pedestrian space. The exterior street should be re-planted to a more open and sunny link to the Arts Quadrangle.

Priority rating: 1

Both sides of the exterior street are filled with dense, mixed plantings in poor condition. Most of these trees are overgrown, diseased, suffering from storm damage and generally showing signs of stress from overcrowded growing conditions. Many of the dead or damaged Ash, Pine and Mulberry have been removed, but the remaining Pine, Spruce, Larch and Maple are not worthy of preservation. The walkway is a difficult space to plant due to the very limiting growing conditions in a narrow space. To make this space appear more open and inviting, a simple allee of light textured trees in a bed of low groundcover will turn this space into a walkway dappled in sun and shade.

The Arts Quadrangle is in a derelict condition and should be completely redesigned. The Red and Sugar Maples in paving within the quadrangle are in extremely poor condition and should be removed. The excellent stand of White Pine however, should be preserved and protected during future redevelopment. Pedestrian movement patterns completely dissect this space. Although trees in paving would normally accommodate this activity, it is not a viable option due to underground utilities, which require all planting beds to be raised. Therefore a large central planting feature may not be suitable because it would conflict with circulation pattern. New plantings should be mainly at the periphery, possibly with a smaller area near the centre, in raised planters with adequate drainage and depth for soil medium. An irrigation system should be considered in future redevelopment. The new design should also consider extending this series of courtyard spaces directly through to Queen's Crescent. A continuation of the allee planting at the exterior street would tie the spaces together effectively.

Species recommendation

Arts Quadrangle (in planters)
   Corylus colurna, Turkish Hazel
   Fagus sylvatica 'Cuprea', European Copper Beech
   Quercus sp., Oak species (White, English)
   Pinus strobus, White Pine

Exterior Street
   Ginkgo biloba 'Maygar', Maygar Ginkgo
   Gleditsia triacanthos,'Shademaster' or 'Skyline', Honeylocust