Urban Forest Plan

Summerhill Park Gate at Stuart Street: Past
103. Summerhill Park Gate at Stuart Street: Past

Summerhill Park Gate at Stuart Street: Present
104. Summerhill Park Gate at Stuart Street: Present

Stuart Street East
105. Stuart Street East

University Avenue Corner
106. University Avenue Corner

Stuart Street East: Existing Condition
107. Stuart Street East: Existing Condition

Stuart Street East: Improvement Concept
108. Stuart Street East: Improvement Concept


Stuart Street should be upgraded to recognize its association with important campus places including Summerhill Park, Kingston Field and University Avenue. A consistent street tree planting should be introduced to reinforce the streetscape and define the south edge of campus. The garage entrance and intersection at University Avenue should be upgraded with planting and pedestrian paving.

Priority rating: 3

Stuart Street is an important campus street due to its proximity to Summerhill Park and Kingston Field as well as being a primary east-west link for vehicles and pedestrians across the lower part of the campus. Its current landscape is not noteworthy. Many of the trees along the north side between Barrie Street and University Avenue are insignificant, self seeding species in poor condition. There is a definite lack of gateway plantings to announce one's arrival on campus, and views into the campus are generally blocked or inappropriately oriented.

Stuart Street requires upgrading with an appropriate landscape treatment. The removal of the self seeding Manitoba Maple, Norway Maple and Mulberry species along the north edge would allow for a new planting of street trees. The group of Austrian Pines as well as all shrubs along Kingston Field should also be removed to improve views to Kingston Hall. A linear planting of street trees should be established between Barrie Street and University Avenue. They should provide a consistent rhythm to the north edge and ultimately mature to form a canopied frame to the campus setting. Specific views could be enhanced with secondary plantings of evergreen and deciduous groupings between the street trees and the greens. These groupings should not overcrowd the space or block views. Maintaining clear views are especially important at intersections and building frontages.

The corner of University Avenue and Stuart Street should be redesigned and planted in a more ornamental scale. The existing Spruce and Pine trees are too overwhelming and in poor condition; they should be removed. Evergreens would be better suited to the south end of University Avenue, when the south terminus at McLaughlin Hall is redesigned.

Stuart Street should be maintained to the same standard as Summerhill Park and Kingston Field. Together they present a very important image of the University.

Species recommendation

Street tree
   Acer sp., Maple species (Sugar, Red)
   Ginkgo biloba, Maidenhair Tree
   Quercus sp., Oak species (Red, English)
   Ulmus 'Pioneer', Pioneer Elm

Accent tree
   Fagus sp., Beech cultivars
   Malus sp., Flowering Crabapples
   Syringa reticulata, Ivory Silk Tree Lilac
   Abies concolor, Silver Fir
   Picea sp., Spruce species (Colorado, Norway)