Urban Forest Plan

Front Garden
109. Front Garden

Front Lawn
110. Front Lawn

North Entrance
111. North Entrance

Existing Condition
112. Existing Condition

Improvement Concept
113. Improvement Concept


The University Club grounds require landscape management to replace some over mature and damaged planting while preserving its farm estate character. The parking lot should be upgraded to include more planting.

Priority rating: 3

The landscape on the south side of the University Club is a relief from the larger scale spaces on the campus. Its character reflects the original farmstead, with an interesting variety of trees and understorey. The good Sugar Maple specimen in the front yard should be preserved. The other Maple, damaged and in declining health, should not be replaced after removal to allow more light into the understory.

The north side, by contrast, is almost devoid of landscape and is dominated by a parking lot. There are few opportunities to introduce plantings to enhance the north entrance to the Club. The best option would be to install raised planters along the edges of the building and plant with small to medium accent trees, low shrubs and groundcovers.

The front garden is noteworthy and should be maintained and replacements made as required. Some pruning of understory is recommended. New plantings should be from a palette in keeping with the historic character of this landscape.

Species recommendation

Parking area
   Amelanchier canadensis, Serviceberry
   Carpinus sp., Blue Beech and Hornbeam
   Hamamelis virginiana, Witchhazel
   Syringa sp., Tree Lilac species
   Viburnum sp., Viburnum, Nannyberry