Urban Forest Plan

Lower East Campus: Existing Condition
118. Lower East Campus: Existing Condition

Lower East Campus: Improvement Concept
119. Lower East Campus: Improvement Concept


George Street would benefit from the addition of street tree planting. The landscapes at the north and south ends should be improved by replacing with an institutional style of planting.

Priority rating: 3

Existing plantings in this area are unusual in their ornamental nature. There are Fir trees adjacent to Botterell Hall, Weeping Birch and upright Junipers in front of Louise D. Acton Building, and Birch trees in front of Waldron Tower. The plantings of Linden and Schwedler Maples along the north frontage of Botterell Hall are fairly dense and make this north side of the building even darker. This corner would brighten and connect better to Summerhill if some trees were removed.

New street tree plantings should move away from the residential scale and reinforce the institutional setting. The narrow planting areas should be filled with groundcover or low shrub massing to reduce maintenance and add a second level of interest. An ornamental planting bed would be appropriate in front of Waldron Tower, provided views could be maintained for safety.

Species recommendation

Street tree
   Celtis occidentalis, Hackberry
   Ginkgo biloba, Maidenhair Tree
   Gleditsia triacanthos 'Shademaster', Shademaster Honeylocust
   Phellodendron amurense, Amur Cork Tree

Ornamental tree
   Betula papyrifera, Paper Birch
   Malus sp., Flowering Crabapples
   Abies concolor, Silver Fir
   Pinus strobus, White Pine