Urban Forest Plan

Queen's Crescent and Albert Street
120. Queen's Crescent and Albert Street

Lower Albert Street
121. Lower Albert Street

Leonard Field North End
122. Leonard Field North End

Leonard Field: Existing Condition
123. Leonard Field: Existing Condition

Leonard Field: Improvement Concept
124. Leonard Field: Improvement Concept


Leonard Field should be improved with a more cohesive planting scheme for the field and adjacent streetscapes.

Priority rating: 3

The planting style of Leonard Field dates to the 1950's and 60's when the residences were built. The surrounding streetscapes appear less planned. Plant species and patterns are very irregular along Albert Street. The intersection of Queen's Crescent and Albert Street appears untidy and overplanted. The Ash and Ironwood are in poor condition. The Crabapple, Linden and Elm are fair. The Elm is too close to the building and will become a future concern. A combination of Sugar Maple, Linden, Ash and Norway Maple continues down Albert Street. A gap in planting where Albert and Stuart Streets meet leaves the parking lot exposed. Plantings of Crabapple, Linden, Red Maple and Walnut irregularly fill in the front yard of Morris Hall.

The southern edge of Leonard Field is open, with a couple of mature Norway Maple street trees, and a random infill planting of young Sugar Maples. The Collingwood streetscape has linear planting of Pyramidal Oak, Red Maple, Ash, Linden and Ironwood. Many of these trees are in poor condition. A linear planting of Crimson King and Cutleaf Silver Maples continues along the north side of Leonard Hall. They are generally in fair condition. The interior field is predominantly lawn, with a linear planting of Crabapples and a couple of Silver Maples which has been kept to the edges to accommodate recreational activities.

Simple infill plantings of street trees of a more simplified palette would improve the edges of this space. Dead and poor material should be removed. The parking lot area requires additional planting to screen and terminate the view from Stuart Street. Views to the waterfront should be maintained. Poor and dead trees along King Street should be to replaced. A couple of evergreen groupings should be introduced to frame views from the field to the lake and add winter texture. Dead trees along Collingwood should be replaced with planting in the same linear arrangement. A few more large deciduous trees near the edge of the interior field would provide some shade to this area.

This area should have a program of regular pruning and fertilizing.

Species recommendation

Street tree
   Acer saccharum, Sugar Maple and cultivars
   Fraxinus americana, White Ash
   Ginkgo biloba, Maidenhair Tree
   Tilia sp., Linden

Ornamental tree
   Betula papyrifera, Paper Birch
   Malus sp., Flowering Crabapples
   Abies concolor, Silver Fir
   Picea sp., Spruce species (Norway, Colorado)
   Pinus strobus, White Pine