Urban Forest Plan

 Existing Condition
129. Existing Condition

 Improvement Concept
130. Improvement Concept

Water Tower and Perimeter Planting
131. Water Tower and Perimeter Planting


The plantings in front of John Orr Tower and at the base of the Water Tower should be pruned and opened up to improve image, views and safety.

Priority rating: 2

The planting at the base of John Orr Tower is approximately twenty five years old. They include many Norway Maples, a few Birch, Silver Maples, Austrian Pine and Scot's Pines. The entrance area is over planted and the Birch are in poor condition. They should be removed and the remainder heavily pruned to improve visibility, image and safety. The vegetation in the area of the Water Tower is of poor quality, predominantly self seeding species. A simple lawn meeting the base of the Tower would provide a clean image that is also easy to maintain.

The parking lots south of the Water Tower are planted with perimeter shade trees and island plantings. The Maples are in fair condition. The main road through the campus is lined with Ash, Sugar and Silver Maple, also in fair condition. This is the only area on the west campus with formal street tree planting. Street tree planting should be completed along the main road and around the perimeter of the parking lots.

At the penitentiary farmhouse used by the Faculty of Education, the trees are all in poor condition, including Norway Maple, Manitoba Maple and Ash. The Blue Spruce specimen on the east side should be retained. This heritage stone building has a residential scale and should be landscaped to enhance its character. Views to Sir John A. Macdonald Boulevard should be improved, but with some screening for privacy and safety of the users.

Species recommendation

Shade tree
   Acer saccharum, Sugar Maple
   Ginkgo biloba, Maidenhair Tree
   Quercus sp., Oak species (Red, English)

Ornamental tree
   Amelanchier canadensis, Serviceberry
   Betula papyrifera, Paper Birch
   Fagus sp., Beech cultivars
   Syringa sp., Lilac
   Viburnum sp., Viburnum
   Abies concolor, Silver Fir
   Picea sp., Spruce species (Norway, Colorado)
   Pinus strobus, White Pine