Urban Forest Plan

Queen's Crescent and Albert Street
137. Queen's Crescent and Albert Street

Lower Albert Street
138. Lower Albert Street

Leonard Field North End
139. Leonard Field North End


Although some screening along the west edge is desirable for privacy, the hedgerows along the north and east edges should be heavily pruned or removed and be replaced with a street tree planting to improve visibility along Sir John A Macdonald Boulevard and Johnson Street.

Priority rating: 3

Dense and overgrown hedgerows line the west, north and east boundaries. These consist of self-seeding species including Black Locust, Ash, Elm, Apple, Pyramidal Oak, Cedar, Viburnum, Honeysuckle, Sumac, Peashrub and Ninebark (along the northeast edge). The north edge along Johnson Street is more natural, with Willow, Ash, Locust, Elm, Cherry, Sumac, Cedar and Juniper. The west edge is diverse, including Elm, Crimson King and Sugar Maple, Basswood, Manitoba Maple, Pin Oak, Pin Cherry, Pear, Cedar and Fir.

These thick hedgerows block views into and out of the site. Visitors arriving by car have little sense of the west campus before reaching Union Street. All or sections of this planting should be removed to open up views. A simplified planting of street trees would improve the quality of the Sir John A. Macdonald Boulevard edge and improve the initial impression of the west campus.

Beyond the edges, the entire west campus would benefit from an overall planting program for street tree planting at perimeter and interior streets, plantings to identify and prioritize entrances, tree groupings at strategic locations to frame views or define spaces, and a general clean up and replacement of existing planting.

Pruning and removal of trees and shrubs are the highest maintenance priority for the west campus. The hedgerows are too wild and overgrown; heavy pruning would at least tidy their appearance until new plantings could be established.

Species recommendation

Boundary tree
   Acer sp., Maple species (Sugar, Red)
   Carya sp., Hickory species (Bitternut, Shagbark)
   Celtis occidentalis, Hackberry
   Fraxinus americana, White Ash
   Quercus sp., Oak species (Red, English)
   Picea sp., Spruce species (Norway, Colorado)
   Pinus sp., Pine species (White, Austrian