Urban Forest Plan

Benidickson Field, ca. 1920
26. Benidickson Field, ca. 1920

Broad-headed Deciduous Trees in Front of Fleming Field
27. Broad-headed Deciduous Trees in Front of Fleming Field

Overplanted Space between Kingston and Benidickson Fields
28. Overplanted Space between Kingston and Benidickson Fields

Benidickson Field: Existing Condition
29. Benidickson Field: Existing Condition

 Benidickson Field: Improvement Concept
30. Benidickson Field: Improvement Concept


This is the best and only remaining classic landscaped quadrangle on campus. Its formal integrity of lawn and boundary walls should be preserved and enhanced by new perimeter plantings.

Priority rating: 1

The most notable trees in this space is the Turkish Hazel and Flowering Crabapples in front of Fleming Hall. The two groupings of Spruce trees flanking each end of the main lawn have Spruce gall aphids and should be removed. To the east in front of Carruthers Hall is a mature stand of Silver Maples, Basswood, Pine and Spruce. Most of the Silver Maples are old, in poor condition and should be removed. Newer Silver Maples are of poor form and should also be removed. To the west, a row of Spruce trees in paving is in poor condition and blocks views from Fleming Field to University Avenue. Views to the south and to Kingston Field should also be improved.

New plantings for this quadrangle should be kept simple to maintain visibility along the edges. Trees should be planted only along the perimeter of this space and be broadly spaced linear plantings of light textured deciduous trees to complement the quadrangle character and maintain views to Fleming Hall. The removal of some trees between Kingston and Theological Halls, and the Spruce trees in paving to the west, would also greatly improve views to adjacent spaces.

Generally, all trees should be assessed for viability. The plantings of Silver Maple and Basswood in front of Carruthers Halls are in very poor condition and should be assessed immediately, with trees removed as required. New plantings in this space should respond to the character and species palette of the Fifth Field Company Drive (formerly Campus Road). For viable mature trees, a program of fertilizing, pruning and cabling should be implemented to ensure a longer life.

Species recommendation

Benidickson Field
   Gleditisia triacanthos 'Shademaster', Shademaster Honeylocust
   Phellodendron amurense, Amur Corktree