Urban Forest Plan

Old Medical Quadrangle, 1966
33. Old Medical Quadrangle, 1966

Old Medical Quadrangle: Existing Condition
34. Old Medical Quadrangle: Existing Condition

Old Medical Quadrangle: Improvement Concept
35. Old Medical Quadrangle: Improvement Concept


The Medical Quadrangle is a well-proportioned outdoor room with walls of stone and a canopied ceiling. It is a good example of a small collegiate quadrangle, part of the original campus landscape associated with Summerhill and the Old Medical Building. The pedestrian environment should be enhanced by redeveloping the roadway with reduced paving and placing greater emphasis on the landscape.

Priority rating: 1

The canopy forming the green ceiling for this outdoor room has suffered great ice storm damage. A Silver Maple and a Norway Spruce in the central island are worth keeping. The Silver Maple is in decline and Noway Maple at the northwest corner of Summerhill is in poor condition and should be replaced.

To improve the quality of this space as an 'outdoor room', the canopy cover in the centre island should be restored through new plantings. There may be space in the central island for a new large deciduous tree. The remaining garden should be infilled with low growing groundcover to maintain visibility. Reducing asphalt paving in future redevelopment of this space will greatly benefit this landscape, allowing planting at building edges and creating small forecourts at entrances. Smaller ornamental trees could be planted at the perimeter to accent entrances and fill in corners. As this is not a large space, over planting with too many trees should be avoided.

The Silver Maple and Norway Spruce should be maintained under a program of pruning and fertilizing. They should be carefully protected during any new construction and their viability should be monitored. New construction should aim to improve planting conditions and should include the installation of a water supply to aid in future maintenance.

Species recommendation

Large deciduous tree
   Acer rubrum, Red Maple
   Fagus grandifolia, American Beech
   Fagus sylvatica 'Cuprea', European Copper Beech

Accent tree
   Amelanchier canadensis, Serviceberry
   Hamamelis virginiana, Witchhazel