The Canada-UK Colloquium


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The Canada-UK Colloquium

An annual event, The Canada-UK colloquium aims to increase knowledge and educate the public about the advantages to be drawn from a close and dynamic relationship between the two countries. The event takes place alternately in each country, bringing together by invitation British and Canadian parliamentarians, public officials, academics, representatives from the private sector, graduate students and others.  Canada-UK Council.

2014 Colloquia

Living and Working in a Digital Society

24-26 November 2014

Fairmont Le Château Montebello 
Montebello, Québec

​The pervasiveness of computerization and the equally ubiquitous connectivity of contemporary humankind have created a taken-for-grantedness about what we have come to call cyberspace. In just over twenty years, we have developed a massive dependence on the benefits of what has grown into a vast and complex global information and communications system. That system that allows us to effortlessly withdraw cash anywhere in the world, videochat with loved ones on the other side of the globe, or connect to the office while canoeing a wilderness river, is one side of this communications revolution. The near-perfect capture of a frank phone call by a senior US State Department official in February 2014, the leaking by Edward Snowden of details of global surveillance operations run by the National Security Agency of the United States and its allies, and the widespread use of cyberspace by criminal organizations and ordinary individual criminals is another. And yet there are divergent views on whether to prioritize or to ignore this darker side of the contemporary communications revolution. We not only produce vast amounts of information, but we routinely allow that information to be accessed by others, sometimes for good and sometimes for malign purposes.