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The Canada-UK Colloquium

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The Canada-UK Colloquium

An annual event, The Canada-UK colloquium aims to increase knowledge and educate the public about the advantages to be drawn from a close and dynamic relationship between the two countries. The event takes place alternately in each country, bringing together by invitation British and Canadian parliamentarians, public officials, academics, representatives from the private sector, graduate students and others.  Learn about the Canada-UK Council.

2014 Colloquium

The Challenges of Cyberspace: Living and Working in a Digital Society

24-26 November 2014
Fairmont le Château Montebello, Montebello, Québec

Participants at the 2014 Colloquium in Montebello discussed not only the major benefits that continue to accrue from the exploitation of cyberspace, but also new challenges posed by society’s increasing dependence on cyberspace. While there are clearly significant economic and social benefits that flow from electronic commerce, data analytics and extended social networks, the colloquium discussed the capacities of both states and non-state actors to use cyberspace for parochial and often negative purposes by using data breaches and denial of service attacks. Criminal and political non-state actors are increasingly using cyberspace for their activities; and governments, for their part, are seeing cyberspace as a new environment to press their interests. The colloquium also discussed the impact of cyberspace on personal privacy; the increasing use of social media in political debates and its impact on political institutions; the impact of high frequency trading on markets; and the dangers of the fragmentation of the Internet.  

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