The Canada-UK Colloquium

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The Canada-UK Colloquium

An annual event, The Canada-UK colloquium aims to increase knowledge and educate the public about the advantages to be drawn from a close and dynamic relationship between the two countries. The event takes place alternately in each country, bringing together by invitation British and Canadian parliamentarians, public officials, academics, representatives from the private sector, graduate students and others.  Canada-United Kingdom Council.

2013 Colloquia

Britain and Canada Working Together

21-23 November 2013

Cumberland Lodge 
Great Park, Windsor, Berkshire, UK

​The rising awareness of health as a foreign policy and security issue, the rapid changes in the context of global health, global health initiatives and changes to global and national health institutions and systems are the topics for the discussions at this years' colloquia.  All reveal opportunities for the UK and Canada to support the governance of health at global and national levels. Our discussions will explore and develop such opportunities for practical actions that can be recommended to our respective governments.

The programme for the 2013 Colloquium is intended to share experiences and activities in the two countries so we can learn from one another in taking forward national strategies for global health and identifying synergies where Canada and the UK acting together can promote perspectives on and achievements of goals on the international stage including the Commonwealth and the UN family to a greater extent than each acting alone.