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Ethnic Relations: Immigration

Transnational Communities: Transnational Communities is a project coimmissioned by in 1997 by the UK Economic and Social Research Council to investigate the human dimensions of globalisation and aspects of emerging transnationalism. The website below contains links to recent research, a newsletter, and other research activities related to the TC project.
Visit: http://www.transcomm.ox.ac.uk/

Metropolis Project: Metropolis International is n international forum for research and policy on migration, diversity and recent research on cities. To view the site, visit: http://www.international.metropolis.net/

Migration Policy Institute (MPI): The Migration Policy Institute has launched a useful internet resource for researchers working on migration and refugee issues. The tool is called the "Migration Information Source", or "The Source". In this project the MPI hopes to provide a timely and wide-ranging source for current migration and immigration data. The site is intended to be useful for policy makers, journalists, and researchers. The site is posted at:

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