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Ethnic Relations: Language


CIRAL: This website includes detailed information in French about language policy around the world, with information organized by country, language, and type of linguistic policy. It is part of the "Centre Internationale de Recherche en Amenagement Linguistique" (CIRAL) at Laval University: http://www.ciral.ulaval.ca/

CIEMEN: This is the website for the "Universal Declaration of Linguistic Rights", sponsored by PEN and the Escarre International Centre for Ethnic Minorities and Nations (CEIMEN). It is the result of a two year process of drafting, involving twelve successive versions, and the participation of over fifty international experts and 100 NGOs from ninety nations. The final draft was approved at a conference in Barcelona in June 1996. The sponsors hope that it will lead to the adoption of an International Convention on language rights by the United Nations: http://www.linguistic-declaration.org

EUROLANG: Those interested in linguistic diversity might find the "Eurolang" web site of interest.  The web site provides news on linguistic diversity and on regional and minority languages in Europe.  Visit: http://www.eurolang.com/

MOST: UNESCO's MOST site contains a useful "Clearing House" on Linguistic Rights with numerous documents and publications related to the topic. MOST is a UNESCO programme that "promotes international, comparative and policy-relevant research on contemporary social transformations and issues of global importance." The Clearing House contains newsletters, official documents, electronic journals, discussion papers and policy papers of various kinds. Visit the MOST Clearing House at: http://www.unesco.org/most/ln1.htm See also thematic issues of the MOST Journal on Multicultural Societies on; "Lesser Used Languages and the Law in Europe" (Vol. 3, No 1) and "The Human Rights of Linguistic Minorities and Language Policies" (Vol. 3, No 2). Visit the Journal's website at: http://www.unesco.org/most/jmshome.htm

Flensburg Recommendations: The conference on "Evaluating Policy Measures for Minority Languages in Europe", organized by ECMI in Flensburg, June 22-25, 2000, resulted in the adoption of the Flensburg Recommendations on the Implementation of Policy Measures for Regional or Minority Languages, which are posted on the ECMI website.  To download the Recommendations and for further information on ECMI, visit: http://www.ecmi.de

MERCATOR: MERCATOR is the information network of minority languages of the European Union. Its website includes background information, publications, media, bibliography, and events diary. MERCATOR also offers thematic databases on european minority language education, legislation and media. In addition to a bibliography of minority languages, there are overviews of territorial minority languages in the European Union, overviews of the media of these languages, and links to related pages and newsgroups. The site also includes an event diary which gives information on seminars, symposiums, conferences and festivals relating to regional/minority languages. http://www.aber.ac.uk/~merwww/

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