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General Research

Ingenta: If your library is cutting back on its journal subscriptions, or if you can't find the time to browse through the new issues, you might be interested in a service provided by Ingenta. The service, which is an online table of contents index and article delivery service for approximately 27,000 magazines and journals, including virtually all major English-language periodicals in politics, philosophy and law. Almost every article cited on the website can be ordered online and delivered to your fax machine within an average of 24 hours, and sometimes within the hour. Searching the database is free (searches by name, title or journal). Articles you order cost approximately $12. The WWW site is available at: http://www.ingenta.com/
(Similar on-line services called Uncover & CatchWord are now part of the Ingenta website)

AMAZON: Many people are familiar with "Amazon.com", the Internet bookstore, which has over 2.5 million books listed, from both major and minor publishers, all of which can be purchased by credit-card. But it also provides a great way to find information on new (or old) books. Like university library catalogues, the Amazon list can be searched by author, title, subject or keyword, but Amazon.com provides much more - eg., not just information about the price and availability of each book, but also typically a table of contents and a paragraph-long description of the book, and in some cases quotes from reviews, and even comments from the author! It's worth checking out: http://amazon.com/

BOOKFINDER: This is a bookshopping search engine which finds out of print, rare, and second hand books. With each search for a book, Bookfinder produces a chart or a list (depending on the preference of the user) of its results indicating the price, the edition, the condition of the book, and so forth. Searches can be conducted by author, title, and even key words. The address is: http://www.bookfinder.com/

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