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Citizenship, Democracy and Ethnocultural Diversity Newsletter
of the Queen's Forum for Philosophy and Public Policy
    No.  19, December 2000



1. Introduction
2. Upcoming Conferences
3. Recent Publications
4. New Journals and Book Series
5. Internet Resources
6. Related Research Programs
7. Summer Schools


The Forum for Philosophy and Public Policy at Queen's University is
organizing a multi-year research project on citizenship, democracy and
minority rights in multiethnic states, under the direction of Prof. Will
Kymlicka. As part of this project the Forum distributes a quarterly
newsletter updating recent developments in the field, of which this is the
nineteenth issue. We hope that it will be of interest to anyone working in
the field, whether in academia, public service, or various
non-governmental organizations.

If you know anyone who would like to be added to the mailing list for this
newsletter, or if you would like copies of the back-issues, please contact
us at cded@post.queensu.ca . For further information about the
research project, you can also reach us by fax at 613-533-6545.
Back-issues of the newsletter are posted on the Web on Will Kymlicka's


There will be an international meeting on Human Rights education at
Fundancao Calouste Gulbenkian, Lisbon, December 5-7, 2000.  The meeting is
organized by the Institute of Educational Innovation, Portugal.  For more
information, contact Instituto de Inovacao Educacional, Travessa das
Terras de Santana, 15, 1250-269 Lisbon, Portugal; e-mail:
direitos.homanos@iie.min-edu.pt or visit the website:

The Institute of Intergovernmental Relations (IIGR) at Queen's University
is sponsoring a conference on "The Impact of Global and Regional
Integration on Federal Political Systems" to be held at Crowne Plaza
Hotel, Ottawa, Ontario, December 8-9, 2000.  For further information,
contact Patti Candido or Mary Kennedy, Institute of Intergovernmental
Relations, Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario K7P 1P7; tel: (613)
533-2080; fax: (613) 533-6868; e-mail: iigr@qsilver.queensu.ca

The "Laboratoire d'Anthropologie Juridique" of Paris is organizing a
conference on "Cultural Diversity and Mediation: Approaches, Models and
Strategies for Which Society?", December 11-13, 2000, Paris, France.  For
more information contact Laboratoire d'Anthropologie Juridique de
l'Universite de Paris I, 9, rue Malher, 75181 Paris Cedex; tel/fax: 01 44
78 33 80; e-mail: mediationinterculturelle@yahoo.com

The Center for Development Research at the University of Bonn is
organizing a conference on "Facing Ethnic Conflicts: Perspectives from
Research and Policy-making", Bonn, December 14-16, 2000.  The conference
will bring policy makers and researchers together to discuss the
possibilities and limitations in preventing, settling or managing ethnic
conflicts.  For more information, contact the conference organizers
Andreas Wimmer, Ulrike Joras, or Conrad Schetter, Centre for Development
Research, University of Bonn, Walter-Flex-Strasse 3, D-53113 Bonn,
Germany; tel: 49 (0) 2 28-734906; fax: 49 (0) 2 28-731972; e-mail:
u.joras@uni-bonn.de or c.schetter@uni-bonn.de or visit:

The "Comite de suivi des lois sur l'immigration" and the "Collectif pour
une veritable citoyennete europeenne" are organizing a conference on
citizenship titled "Tous citoyens!? Citoyennete europeenne pour tous les
residents: est-elle possible?  est-elle souhaitable?", Paris, France,
January 20, 2001.  For more information or to register, contact Comite de
suivi des lois sur l'immigration, Assemblee nationale, bureau 8301, 126,
rue de l'Universite 75007 Paris, France or send an e-mail to Francoise
Galland, e-mail: fgd@club-internet.fr

There will be a conference on "Illiberal Groups in Liberal Theory and
Liberal Constitutionalism", University of San Diego, February 2-3, 2001.
For more information, contact the conference organizer Maimon
Schwarzschild, University of San Diego, School of Law, 5998 Alcal  Park,
San Diego, California 92110-2492; e-mail: maimons@pwa.acusd.edu

There will be an international conference on "Nationalism and Liberalism"
to be held at the Centre d'Etudes et de Recherches Internationales (CERI)
in Paris, France, February 5-6, 2001.  The conference will explore various
facets of liberal nationalism from the perspective of political philosophy
as well as political sociology.  For more information, contact the
conference organizer, Alain Dieckhoff, e-mail:

The year 2001 has been declared jointly by the Council of Europe and the
European Union as the European Year of Languages.  Within this framework,
a European conference on "Promotion of Linguistic Diversity and Minority
and Regional Languages in Europe" will be hosted in Rovinj Istria
(Croatia), March 21-23, 2001.  The conference is organized by the
Commission of Culture and Education of the Congress of Local and Regional
Authorities of Europe in co-operation with the Council of Europe.  For
more information, contact alida.matkovic@coe.int or
Kerstin.Ringler@cec.eu.int or visit the Council of Europe's web site:

The Association for the Study of Nationalities (ASN) World Convention has
become one of the most attended international scholarly gatherings dealing
with issues of national identity, nationalism, ethnic conflict and
state-building in Central and Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union,
Central Asia, and adjacent areas.  The ASN 6th Annual World Convention,
sponsored by the Harriman Institute and the Watson Institute, will be held
at Columbia University, NY, 5-7 April 2001.  The theme of the 2001
Convention will be "Nation-Making, Past and Present: Community, Economy,
Security" and will address the interface of identity politics with
economic issues and security/foreign policy concerns, either in the past
or in contemporary developments.  The organizers of the Convention welcome
panel or paper proposals that focus on particular cases, theoretical
questions, or cross-regional comparisons.  Send proposals no later than
December 7, 2000.  For more information on the Convention and on paper
proposal submission, contact Dominique Arel, ASN Convention Program Chair,
Watson Institute, Brown University, Box 1831, 130 Hope St., Providence, RI
02912; tel: (401) 863-9296; fax: (401) 863-2192; e-mail: darel@brown.edu
or visit the ASN website:

As part of an ongoing project at the Institute for Social Research (ISF)
in Oslo on "Power and Democracy in Multicultural Norway", there will be a
seminar on the theme "Power and Democracy in Multicultural Societies",
Rosendal, Norway, May 17-20, 2001.  The seminar's aim is to address the
contradictions and dilemmas attached to theories of multiculturalism,
citizenship and integration, with special focus on their impact on welfare
states in internationalized contexts.  For more information, contact Grete
Brochmann, Research Director, Institute for Social Research, Postboks 3233
Elisenberg, N-0208, Oslo; tel: 47 23 08 61 00; fax; 47 23 08 61 01;
e-mail: gbr@isaf.no

There will be a conference on "Representing Diversity" at Carleton
University, Ottawa, May 18-19, 2001, with sessions on "Political Culture
in the New World", "Consociationalism", "Language and Federalism", and
"The Future of Individual and Group Rights". The conference is in honour
of the work of Kenneth McRae. For more information, contact Stephen
Brooks, e-mail: brooks3@uwindsor.ca

There will be an international conference on "Voice or Exit: Comparative
Perspectives on Ethnic Minorities in Twentieth Century Europe" to be held
at the Humboldt Univesity of Berlin, May 25-27, 2001.  The organizers are
Rainer Muenz (Humboldt-Universitaet, Berlin), Rainer Ohliger
(Humboldt-Universitaet, Berlin), William Safran (University of Colorado at
Boulder), Zsuza Torok (Central European University, Budapest).  The
conference organizers are seeking papers on various aspects of minority
issues and coexistence throughout Europe.  Those who are interested in
submitting a paper proposal should do so by January 15, 2001.  For more
information on the conference or to submit a paper proposal, visit:

The Fifth International conference of the Ethnic Studies Network will be
on the theme "From Violence to Politics", to be held at the headquarters
of INCORE in Aberfoyle House in Derry/Londonderry, Northern Ireland, June
27-30, 2001.  The conference organizers invite submissions of
presentations on regions involved in peace processes (or not yet formally
embarked on a peace process).  Proposals for workshops, panels, symposia
and exhibits are also welcome.  The deadline for submission is February 1,
2001.  For more information on the conference or on submission guidelines,
contact Lyn Moffett, Conference Coordinator, Ethnic Studies Network,
Aberfoyle House, Northland Road, Londonderry BT48 7JA, Northern Ireland;
tel: 44 (0)2871 375507; fax: 44 (0)2871 375510; e-mail:

"Nationality and Citizenship in Post-Communist Europe" is a conference
organized by the Fondation nationale des sciences politiques and
co-sponsored by ASN and will be held at the Institut d'^Ātudes politiques
de Paris, (France), July 9-10, 2001.  The conference will focus on the
issue of identity - national, political, cultural, local, or
supra-national - in the post-communist world.  The themes will include
changing notions of citizenship and nationality; mobilization, conflict
and secessionism in the Caucasus; Islam and politics in Central Asia;
threats of regional disintegration in Russia; identity claims and economic
development; the consequences of EU enlargement and NATO expansion in
Eastern Europe and Russia; and diaspora and transnational politics.
Panel or paper proposals are welcome on topics relevant to the general
theme of the conference.  The deadline for submissions is January 15,
2001.  For more information on the conference and a comprehensive list of
the themes, contact Dominique Colas, Conference Program Chair, tel: (33-1)
45 49 50 77; fax: (33-1) 45 44 95 49; e-mail:


To keep our list manageable, we are listing only books and journal
symposia, not individual journal articles.  Prices are in US dollars.

Andrea Baumeister, Liberalism and the Politics of Difference (Edinburgh U
Press, 2000), $25.00.

Shlomo Ben-Ami, Yoav Peled and Alberto Spektorowski (eds) Ethnic
Challenges to the Modern Nation State (Palgrave, 2000), $69.95.

Caroline Brettell and James Hollifield (eds) Migration Theory: Talking
Across Disciplines (Routledge, 2000), $19.95.

David Brown, Contemporary Nationalism: Civic, Ethnocultural and
Multicultural Politics (Routledge, 2000), $27.99.

David Buckingham, The Making of Citizens: Young People, News and Politics
(Routledge, 2000), $24.99.

Sean Byrne and Cynthia L. Irvin, Reconcilable Differences: Turning Points
in Ethnopolitical Conflicts (Kumarian Press, 2000), $19.96.

Joshua Castellino, International Law and Self-determination (Martinus
Nijhoff, 2000), $90.50.

Stephen Castles and Alastair Davidson (eds) Citizenship and Migration:
Globalization and the Politics of Belonging (Routledge, 2000), $22.99.

Martha Cottam and Richard Cottam, Nationalism and Politics: The Political
Behavior of Nation States (Lynne Rienner Publishers, 2000), $59.95.

Markus Crepaz, Thomas A. Koeble and David Wilsford (eds), Democracy and
Institutions: The Life Work of Arend Lijphart (U Michigan Press, 2000),

Hastings Donnan and Thomas Wilson, Borders: Frontiers of Identity, Nation
and State (Berg, 2000), $19.50.

Richard A. Falk, Human Rights Horizons: The Pursuit of Justice in a
Globalizing World (Routledge, 2000), $19.95.

Steve Fenton, Ethnicity: Racism, Class, and Culture (Rowman & Littlefield,
1999), $29.95.

Ann Florini (ed) The Third Force: The Rise of Transnational Civil Society
(Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, 2000), $19.95.

Thomas Franck, The Empowered Self: Law and Society in the Age of
Individualism (Oxford UP, 2000), $45.00.

Stephen E. Frantzich, Citizen Democracy: Political Activists in a Cynical
Age (Rowman & Littlefield, 1999), $18.95.

Robert Fullinwider (ed) Civil Society, Democracy and Civic Renewal (Rowman
& Littlefield, 1999), $29.95.

Jorge Garcia and Pable de Grieff (eds) Hispanics/Latinos in the United
States: Ethnicity, Race, and Rights (Routledge, 2000), $22.99.

Paul Gilbert, Peoples, Cultures, and Nations in Political Philosophy
(Georgetown UP, 2000), $19.95.

Kjell Goldmann, Ulf Hannerz, and Charles Westin (eds) Nationalism and
Internationalism in the Post-Cold-war Era (Routledge, 2000), $29.99.

John Gray, Two Faces of Liberalism (New Press 2000), $20.00.

Judith M. Green, Deep Democracy: Community, Diversity, and Transformation
(Rowman & Littlefield, 1999), $17.95.

Ernst Haas and Peter J. Katzenstein (eds) Nationalism, Liberalism, and
Progress, Volume2: The Dismal Fate of New Nations (Cornell UP, 2000),

Ghassan Hage, White Nation: Fantasies of White Supremacy in a
Multicultural Society (Routledge, 2000), $24.00.

Jason D. Hill, Becoming a Cosmopolitan: What It Means to be a Human Being
in the New Millenium (Rowman & Littlefield, 2000), $19.96.

Barry Holden (ed) Global Democracy: Key Debates (Routledge, 2000), $29.99.

Douglas R. Holmes, Integral Europe: Fast-Capitalism, Multiculturalism,
Neofascism (Princeton UP, 2000), $14.36.

John Hutchinson and Anthony Smith, Nationalism: Critical Concepts in
Political Science (5 volumes) (Routledge, 2000), $815.00.

Michael Ignatieff, The Rights Revolution (Anansi, 2000). $21.00

Engin Isin (ed) Democracy, Citizenship and the Global City (Routledge,
2000), $29.99.

Richard Keiser and Katherine Underwood (eds) Minority Politics at the
Millennium (Garland, 1999), $65.00.

Peter Kivisto and Georgeanne Rundblad (eds) Multiculturalism in the United
States: Current Issues, Contemporary Voices (Pine Forge Press, 2000),

Rey Koslowski, Migrants and Citizens: Demographic Change in the European
State System (Cornell UP, 2000), $39.95.

Rob Kroes, Them and Us: Questions of Citizenship in a Globalizing World
(University of Illinois Press, 2000), $18.95.

Edward W. Lehman (ed) Autonomy and Order: A Communitarian Anthology
(Rowman & Littlefield, 2000), $27.95.

Michael Leifer (ed) Asian Nationalism (Routledge 2000), $29.99.

Jacob Levy, The Multiculturalism of Fear (Oxford UP, 2000), $29.95.

Neil MacCormick, Questioning Sovereignty: Law, State and Nation in the
European Commonwealth (Oxford UP, 2000), $72.00.

Gary Madison, Paul Fairfield, and Ingrid Harris, Is There a Canadian
Philosophy? Reflections on the Canadian Identity (University of Ottawa
Press, 2000), $28.00.

Clare Mar-Molinero, The Politics of Language in the Spanish-Speaking World
(Routledge, 2000), $30.99.

Catriona McKinnon and Iain Hampsher-Monk (eds) The Demands of Citizenship
(Continuum, 2000) $27.95.

Tamar Meyer (ed) Gender Ironies of Nationalism: Sexing the Nation
(Routledge, 1999), $27.99.

Alexander Motyl (ed) Encyclopedia of Nationalism (Academic Press, 2000),

Marina Ottaway and Thomas Carothers (eds) Funding Virtue: Civil Society
Aid and Democracy Promotion (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace,
2000), $21.95.

Bhikhu Parekh, Rethinking Multiculturalism: Cultural Diversity and
Political Theory (Harvard University Press, 2000), $35.00.

Susan Pharr and Robert Putnam (eds) Disaffected Democracies: What's
Troubling The Trilateral Countries? (Princeton UP, 2000), $15.96.

Adamantia Pollis and Peter Schwab (eds) Human Rights: New Perspectives,
New Realities (Lynne Rienner, 2000), $55.00.

Sita Ranchod-Nilsson and Mary Ann Tetreault, Women, States, and
Nationalism: At Home in the Nation? (Routledge 2000), $27.99.

David A. J. Richards, Identity and the Case for Gay Rights: Race, Gender
and Religion as Analogies (Chicago UP, 1999), $11.20.

Robert Rotberg and Dennis Thompson (eds) Truth vs. Justice: The Morality
of Truth Commissions (Princeton UP, 2000), $15.16.

John Carlos Rowe (ed) Post-nationalist American Studies (University of
California Press, 2000), $17.95.

Daniel Russell, A People's Dream: Aboriginal Self-Government in Canada
(UBC Press 2000), $85.00.

Ronald Schmidt, Sr., Language Policy and Identity Politics in the United
States (Temple University Press, 2000), $17.56.

Philippe C. Schmitter, How to Democratize the European Union... and Why
Bother? (Rowman & Littlefield, 2000), $17.95.

Ian Shapiro and Stephen Macedo (eds) Designing Democratic Institutions:
Nomos 42 (New York University Press, 2000), $50.00.

Chris Shore, Building Europe: The Cultural Politics of European
Integration (Routledge, 2000), $25.99

Birte Siim, Gender and Citizenship: Politics and Agency in France,
Britain, and Denmark (Cambridge University Press, 2000), $22.95.

Jonathan Stein (ed) The Politics of National Minority Participation in
Post-Communist Europe: State-Building, Democracy and Ethnic Mobilization
(M.E. Sharpe, 2000), $76.95.

Stephen Tierney (ed) Accommodating National Identity: New Approaches in
International and Domestic Law (Kluwer Law International, 2000), $115.00.

Andrew Vandenberg (ed) Citizenship and Democracy in a Global Era (St.
Martin's Press, 2000), $19.95.

David Whittaker, Conflict and Reconciliation in the Contemporary World
(Routledge, 1999), $15.99.

Iris Marion Young, Inclusion and Democracy (Oxford UP, 2000), $29.95.

Journal symposia and special issues

Constellations has a symposium on "Cosmopolitanism Then and Now" (Vol.7,
No.1, March 2000) guest edited by Sankar Muthu and Pratap Bhanu Mehta,
with articles by Anthony Pagden, Sankar Muthu, Joan Cocks, Max Pensky.

The Journal of Common Market Studies has a series of articles on
Citizenship and the European Union (September 2000, Vol. 38, No. 3), by
Rob Atkinson and Simin Davoudi, Juan Delgado-Moreira, Jackie Harrison and
Lorna Woods, Theodora Kostakopoulou, Mark A. Pollack.

There is a special issue on "The End of Tolerance: Engaging Cultural
Differences" in Daedalus (Vol. 129, No. 4, Fall 2000) guest edited by
Richard Shweder, Martha Minow, and Hazel Rose Markus.  The special issue
includes articles by David Chambers, Katherine Pratt Ewing, Hazel Rose
Markus, Usha Menon, Martha Minow, Lawrence Sager, Austin Sarat, Richard
Shweder, Claude Steele, Dorothy Steel, Nomi Maya Stolzenberg, Michael
Suarez-Orozco, Unni Wikan.  Visit:

There is a symposium on "Legal and Constitutional Implications of the
Calls to Revive Civil Society" in the Chicago-Kent Law Review (Vol. 75,
Issue 2, 1999), guest edited by Linda McClain and James Fleming.  The
symposium includes articles by the guest editors as well as articles by
Amitai Etzioni, Mark Tushnet, Stephen Macedo, Nancy Rosenblum, and Martha
Fineman, with responses by Jean Bethke Elshtain and William A. Galston.

There is a special issue on "Boundaries, Peoples and Cosmopolitans" in
Political Theory (Vol, 28, No. 5, October 2000), with articles by William
Connolly, Pratap Bhanu Mehta, and Andrew Kuper.

Parekh Commission report

One final publication worth noting is The Future of Multi-Ethnic Britain,
the report of the Commission on the Future of Multi-Ethnic Britain,
established by the Runnymede Trust, and chaired by Bhikhu Parekh. The
Parekh Commission report is the result of two years of research and
consultations, and provides a comprehensive overview of multiculturalism
issues in Britain, and detailed recommendations on areas such as criminal
justice, employment, health, media, education, the arts, immigration,
political representation, and human rights. The Report was published by
Profile Books in London. Further information is available on the Runnymede
website at:

A related publication is Jan Niessen, Diversity and Cohesion: New
Challenges for the Integration of Immigrants and Minorities (Council of
Europe, 2000). This report is intended to provide guidelines for the
Council of Europe's work on immigrant and minority integration, and to
assist the Council's member states to design and implement diversity and
cohesion policies. It can be ordered in English or in French from Maria
Ochoa-Llido at the Council of Europe. E-mail: Maria.Ochoa-Llido@coe.int


The International Journal of Politics and Ethics (IJPE) is a new journal
published on behalf of the Center for International Politics and Ethics at
New England College.  IJPE is intended as a forum for diverse interests
and attitudes in all matters relating to politics and ethics, including
their possible intersections.  The journal is designed to encourage the
exploration of matters of theory as well as broad issues arising from
empirical contexts and the practical application of theory.  Within the
purview of IJPE are comparative and international politics; political
philosophy and ethical theory; intellectual, legal and political history;
and interdisciplinary material that discusses substantive social,
political, and ethical problems of public concern.  The first issue of
IJPE is scheduled for publication in March 2001.  The editors invite
contributions from scholars working in any discipline engaged in research
that examines politics and ethics.  For more information, contact J.P.
Hayden, Associate Editor, e-mail: phayden@bill.nec.edu or Wayne
Lesperance, Associate Editor, e-mail: wlesperance@bill.nec.edu

Temple University Press is launching a new book series called "Politics,
History, and Social Change".  The series will focus on a range of issues
including immigration and citizenship, international migration patterns,
refugees and international law, the history of prospects of human rights,
genocide and human rights abuses, history and memory, past injustices and
reparations, the nation-state in historical perspective, globalization and
the future of the nation-state, national identity and democracy, histories
of socialism and internationalism, decolonization and the legacy of
imperialism, race and global inequality, critical theories of social
change.  To discuss proposals, contact the series editor, John Torpey,
Department of Sociology and the Institute for European Studies, University
of British Columbia, 6303 NW Marine Drive, Vancouver BC, V6T 1Z1, Canada;
tel: 604-822-4837; fax: 604-822-6161; e-mail: torpey@interchange.ubc.ca or
contact Micah Kleit, Temple University Press, e-mail:


The Institute of Intergovernmental Relations at Queen's University (IIGR)
has developed an extensive new on-line bibliography on federalism.  The
bibliography includes material on a wide range of countries, including
Australia, Austria, Belgium, Britain, Canada, Czech and Slovak Republics,
Germany, India, Malaysia, Nigeria, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland and
the United States.  The bibliography also includes entries covering the
European Union, the Middle East, the former Soviet Union and the former
Yugoslavia.  Visit:

The Forum of Federations is an International Network on Federalism whose
website posts links to news on federalism from around the world.  The
Forum also has a new newsletter on federalism Federations: What's New in
Federalism Worldwide.  The newsletter is published five times per year and
provides news and analysis on developments in federalism in every part of
the world. Visit the Forum's website:

In a previous issue of the newsletter (#8), we mentioned the interesting
and humourous website created by the Dutch political scientist Paul
Treanor, with an extensive collection of resources on nationalism and
ethnicity. This website has now been moved, updated, and retitled as
"Nation planet". The new site is:

The EXPO 2000 project "Cultures, Languages, Minorities: The Danish-German
Border Region -- An Example of Conflict Resolution" has an Internet
presentation on "Minorities in Europe".  The presentation, available in
French, English and Danish, provides fundamental information about
language minorities in Europe.  The presentation involves detailed
information on 15 minority groups in Europe, including the four minorities
in the Danish-German border area in Schleswig-Holstein, i.e. Danes,
Frisians, Germans, and Sinti/Roma.  Visit:


The International Association for the Evaluation of Educational
Achievement (IEA) is an Amsterdam-based association conducting comparative
education studies since the 1960s.  The IEA Civic Education Study is
currently examining the values young people around the world are acquiring
related to their roles as citizens in democracies and societies aspiring
to democracy. The study covers three domains: (1) "Democracy, Democratic
Institutions and Citizenship", (2) "National Identity and International
Relations", and (3) "Social Cohesion and Diversity".  The study has been
conducted in two phases.  Phase 1 (underway since 1993) consisted of
mainly qualitative work such as interviews with experts on civic
education, analyses of curriculum frameworks, and textbooks.  In Phase 2,
which took place in 1999, a number of students from nationally
representative samples in twenty-eight countries were tested, with
particular focus on knowledge, skills in interpreting political
communication, concepts of democracy and citizenship etc. The results of
Phase 1 have been published in: Judith Torney-Purta, John Schwille, and
Jo-Ann Amadeo (eds) Civic Education across Countries: Twenty-four National
Case Studies from the IEA Civic Education Study (IEA, Amsterdam, fax: 31
20 420 7136). The International Release Report of Phase 2 will be
available in March 2001. For more information about the study, contact
Judith Torney-Purta, International Steering Committee Chair for the IEA
CivEd Study, Department of Human Development, College of Education,
University of Maryland at College Park, USA; fax: (301) 210 3916; e-mail:
jt22@umail.umd.edu or Rainer Lehmann, International Co-ordinator for IEA
CivEd Study (Phase 2), Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany, fax: 49 30
2093 4153; e-mail: rainer.lehmann@educat.hu-berlin.de

The Centre for Research on Immigration, Ethnicity and Citizenship"
(CRIEC), at the University of Montreal, Quebec, has been awarded a
three-year grant to pursue a project on "Citizenship and
Transnationalism".  Micheline Labelle, the director of CRIEC, is the
director of the project.  The project will explore the impact of social
movements of minorities, women and aboriginals facing the effects of
globalization.  The project brings together researchers from Universite
du Quebec a Montreal, Carleton University, and Concordia University.
For more information, contact CRIEC, Department de sociologie,
Universite du Quebec a Montreal, C.P. 8888, succursale Centre-Ville,
Montreal, Quebec H3P 3P8, tel: (514) 987-3000 ext. 3318.  To find out
about other research activities at CRIEC, visit the centre's website:

The Specialist Group on Ethnic Politics of the Political Studies
Association of the UK has been reconvened under the joint chairmanship of
Karl Cordell (University of Plymouth) and Stephan Wolff (University of
Bath).  This is a multidisciplinary and international team of scholars and
practitioners, whose aim is to further our understanding of ethnic
politics in the world.  The primary focus of the group will be the
re-emergence of ethnic/religious nationalism in various parts of the
globe.  The group also encourages the academic study of global issues
related to ethnic politics, including nationalism and nation-building,
security studies, political sociology, and territorial politics.  The
group seeks to appeal to political scientists as well as practitioners,
researchers from other disciplines, research and educational institutions,
governments, NGO's.  Membership is free and includes subscription to an
electronic discussion list and newsletter.  For more information or to
become a member visit the website:


The Central European University will be holding its annual Summer
University for university teachers and professionals in the social
sciences and humanities in Budapest, July 9-August 10, 2001.  The Summer
University offers a series of intensive two to four-week courses in the
social sciences and humanities to encourage and promote regional academic
cooperation and curriculum development through lectures, seminars, and
workshops. This year's courses include "Managing Conflict and Fostering
Democratic Dialogue" (in co-operation with Benjamin N. Cardozo School of
Law and the Hamline University School of Law, July 9-August 3) and
"Intercultural Citizenship: The South-East European Context", July
30-August 10).  For more information on the program and eligibility
criteria, contact CEU, Summer University Office, 1051 Budapest, Nador u.
9. Hungary; tel: (36-1) 327-3811; fax: (36-1) 327-3124; e-mail:
summeru@ceu.hu (for general information), sunreq@ceu.hu (for requesting
application forms) or visit the website:

The Solomon Asch Center for the Study of Ethnopolitical Conflict at the
University of Pennsylvania is offering a 10-week interdisciplinary Summer
Institute in June-August 2001.  The Summer Institute will bring together
academics and practitioners to prepare participants to work on problems
ranging from research to evaluating interventions.  The center expects to
admit 15 Summer Fellows.  The deadline for applications is January 15,
2001.  For details on the Summer Institute and application procedures,
contact Roy J. Eidelson, Executive Director, The Solomon Asch Center for
the Study of Ethnopolitical Conflict, University of Pennsylvania, 3815
Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 1904; tel: (215) 898-3510; e-mail:
royeidel@psych.upenn.edu or visit:

The Centre for Citizenship Studies in Education at the University of
Leicester offers a course on "Learning for Citizenship" available as of
September 2001 internationally as a distance learning pack.  The course,
which has been designed by Dr. Hugh Starkey and Professsor Audrey Osler,
aims to develop the understanding of issues relating to citizenship and
identity, political literacy, inclusion and participation, human rights
and equality.  For more details, contact Margaret Stace, The Centre for
Citizenship Studies Education, The School of Education, University of
Laicester, 21 University Road, Leicester, LE1 7RF, tel: (44) 116 252 3681;
fax: (44) 116 252 3653; e-mail: ccse@leicester.ac.uk or visit the website:

INCORE is offering three courses at its 2001 summer school from June
10-15, 2001.  The courses will be on "The Challenges and Contradictions of
Development and Conflict", "Psychological Approaches to Conflict
Resolution", and "Post-conflict Situations Dealing with the Past", each
facilitated by two leading practitioners or academics in the field, one
international and one local to Northern Ireland.  The course will review
existing knowledge, examine current issues and challenges and analyze
relevant case studies.  The summer school will be conducted at INCORE's
offices in Derry/Londonderry, Northern Ireland.  The deadline for
applications is March 30, 2001.  For further information, contact Lyn
Moffett, Project Liaison Officer, INCORE, Aberfoyle House, Northland Road,
Derry/Londonderry BT48 7JA, Northern Ireland; tel: 44 (0)2871 375507; fax:
44 (0)2871 375510; e-mail: lyn@incore.ulst.ac.uk


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