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Citizenship, Democracy and Ethnocultural Diversity
 Newsletter of the Queen's Forum for Philosophy and Public Policy
 No. 22, October 2001


1. Introduction
2. Upcoming Conferences
3. New Journals
4. Recent Publications
5. Internet Resources
6. Related Research Programs


The Forum for Philosophy and Public Policy at Queen's University is
organizing a multi-year, research project on citizenship, democracy and
minority rights in multiethnic states, under the direction of Prof. Will
Kymlicka. As part of this project, the Forum distributes a quarterly
newsletter updating recent developments in the field, of which this is the
twenty-second issue. We hope that it will be of interest to anyone working
in the field, whether in academia, public service, or various
non-governmental organizations.

If you know anyone who would like to be added to the mailing list for this
newsletter, or if you would like copies of the back-issues, please contact
us at cded@post.queensu.ca . For further information about the
research project, you can also reach us by fax at 613-533-6545.
Back-issues of the newsletter are posted on the Web on Will Kymlicka's
home-page:  http://post.queensu.ca/~kymlicka/


There was a conference at the Minda de Gunzburg Center for European
Studies, Harvard University, entitled "Re-Imagined Communities: National
Identities in the New Europe", September 28-29, 2001.  For more
information, contact the conference coordinator Ms Wiltrud Simburger,
Goethe-Institut Inter Nationes Boston, 170 Beacon St, Boston, MA 02116,
tel. 617-262-6050; fax: 617-262-2615; e-mail: wsimbuerger@giboston.org

The Danish Institute of Social Research organized a conference on "Family
in the Age of Multiculturalism" in Kongevejen, Denmark, October 4-6, 2001.
The conference featured three workshops on "authority in transition:
intergenerational relations", "gender relations negotiated", and "ethnic
minority families in welfare societies".  For more information, contact
Lene Kofoed Rasmussen, e-mail: ler@sfi.dk or Connie Caroe Christiansen,
e-mail: ccc@sfi.dk Or visit the Institute's web site: http://www.sfi.dk

The fifth annual UNC Workshop in Law and Philosophy on the theme "Rights,
Reconciliation, and Transformative Justice" was held at the National
Humanities Center in Research, Triangle Park, North Carolina, October
12-14, 2001.  The workshop was sponsored jointly by the UNC Law School,
UNC Philosophy Department, Kluwer Academic Publishers, and the National
Humanities Center.  The aim of the workshop is to gather scholars trained
in law, philosophy, and the social sciences to explore philosophical
issues arising out of the attempts of emerging democracies to deal with
past political regimes that engaged in systematic oppression and extensive
violations of human rights.  For more information contact Michael L.
Corrado, tel: (919) 962-4121; e-mail: mlcorrad@email.unc.edu or Gerald J.
Postema, tel: (919) 477- 4110; e-mail: gpostema@email.unc.edu

There will be a conference on "Democracy" to be held at the American
University in Washington, November 9, 2001.  For more information contact
Jeffrey Reiman, William Fraser McDowell Professor of Philosophy, American
University, Washington, DC 20016-8056; e-mail: jreiman@american.edu

The Educational Research Institute in Slovenia, with the support of the
Slovene Commission of UNESCO and the Council of Europe, is organizing a
conference on "Shattered Identities: Diversity, Citizenship, and Liberal
Political Thought" to be held in Bled, Slovenia, November 16-17, 2001.
The conference organizers are Darko Strajn, Janez Justin, Igor Zagar and
Mitja Sardoc.  The conference will focus on the role of diversity in
public education and political theory, the importance of citizenship
education, the relation between public education, cultural differences and
language policies.  For more information contact Mitja Sardoc, Educational
Research Institute, Gerbiceva 62, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, tel:
386-1-4201-250; fax: 386-1-4201- 266; e-mail: mitja.sardoc@guest.arnes.si

The Dutch Ministry of the Interior and the Council of Europe are
organizing an international conference on the theme "Prospects and
Practical Effects of the European Charter for Regional and Minority
Languages", the most important legal instrument for minority languages in
Europe.  The conference will take place in Noordwijkerhout, close to The
Hague, November 30 - December 1, 2001. For more information on the
conference, e-mail: regina.jensdottir@coe.int or cs@vng.nl

The next (34th) Eurofor Conference will be on "Immigration to the European
Union Countries: Political Standpoints on National and European Levels" in
Brussels, Belgium, December 5-9, 2001.  The 35th Eurofor Conference will
be on "Ethnic Conflicts: Prevention, Intervention and Solution
Strategies", Burg Schaning, Austria, April 4-7, 2002.  Note that some
changes have been made to the scheduling of recent and upcoming Eurofor
Conferences, including cancellations.  For a complete update and for
information on the 34th and 35th conferences visit the Eurofor web site:

The Kennan Institute has launched a competition for an interdisciplinary
junior scholar workshop series: "Multicultural Legacies in Russia,
Ukraine, and Belarus".  Participants will be expected to present their
research at a workshop in Washington D.C. on March 22-23, 2002, to prepare
policy briefs based on their work, and to revise workshop papers for an
edited volume at a second workshop in the Fall of 2002.  Participation is
open to U.S. citizens and permanent residents at the postdoctoral level.
The workshop themes include "the formation of national, religious,
linguistic, and regional identities", "the fixation of national
categories", "violence and repression", "tolerance/intolerance",
"migration and refugee issues", "representation of cultural myths and
symbols" and "the role of international policies, norms, culture, and
economic relations".  For further information, contact the Kennan
Institute, phone: (202) 691-4100; e-mail:kiars@wwic.si.edu or visit

The 7th Annual Convention of the Association for the Study of Nationalities
(ASN) will be titled "Peoples, Nations, and States: A Cross Disciplinary
Convention", Columbia University, New York, April 11-13, 2002.  The deadline
for paper proposals is December 6, 2001.  For more information contact Dr.
Troy McGrath, ASN Convention Program Chair, Political Science Department,
Arnold Hall, Box 76, Hartwick College, Oneonta, NY 13820, tel:(607) 431-4586;
fax: (607) 431-4351; e-mail: mcgratht@hartwick.edu or visit the ASN web site:

The Institute for Strengthening Democracy in Bosnia is holding its Fifth
International Seminar on the topic of "Democracy and Human Rights in
Multiethnic Societies" in Kojnic, Bosnia on July 8-13 2002. To submit a
paper proposal, or for information about previous seminars, see the
Institute's website at: http://www.bosnet.org/democracy_institute

The next conference of the International Society for the Study of European
Ideas (ISSEI) will be on the theme "European culture in a Changing World:
Between Nationalism and Globalism".  The conference will be held at the
University of Wales, Aberystwyth, July 22-27, 2002.  Those who are
interested in participating in the conference or organizing workshops
should contact the conference Chair, Daniel Meyer-Dinkgrafe, e-mail:
dam@aber.ac.uk or contact Ezra Talmor, Chair, ISSEI, Kibbutz Nachshonim,
D.N Merkaz 73190, Israel, tel: 972-3-938-6445; fax: 972-3-938-6588;
e-mail: ISSEI@nachshonim.org.il

The World Indigenous Peoples Conference on Education 2002 will be hosted
by the First Nations Adult and Higher Education Consortium (FNAHEC) at a
site on Stoney Nation lands in the mountains west of Calgary, Alberta,
Canada, August 4-10, 2002.  Abstracts are invited.  For further
information, contact 2002 WIPCE Calgary, Suite 310, 6940 Fisher Rd. SE,
Calgary AB T2H 0W3; phone: (403) 258-1775; fax: (403) 258-1811; e-mail:
wipce@fnahec.org or visit: http://www.fnahec.org/wipce2002/

An International Congress on Philosophy of Culture and Intercultural
Philosophy will be held at Universidad Michoacana, Morelia, Mexico, August
27- 31, 2002.  The conference theme is "Towards a New Cultural
Universalism?".  Paper proposals can be sent by January 2002.  To send a
proposal or for further information, contact Faculdad de Filosofˇa "Samuel
Ramos", Universidad Michoacana de San Nicol s de Hidalgo, Cd.
Universitaria, Morelia, Mich, .P. 58030, Mexico; telephone: 52 (4)
327-1799; fax: 52 (4) 327-1798; e-mail: filos@jupiter.umich.mx;
rcobian@zeus.umich.mx Or visit the conference website:


There are three new political theory journals that might be of interest to
our readers:

The "European Journal of Political Theory" is a new peer-reviewed journal
whose aim is to provide a forum for political theory in a European
context.  The journal is edited by Jeremy Jennings and Peter Lassman
(University of Birmingham, UK).  The first issue is scheduled to appear in
July 2002.  For more information contact the editors Jeremy Jennings and
Peter Lassman, Department of Political Science and International Relations
(POLIS), University of Birmingham, B15 2TT, UK, fax: 0121-414-3496;
e-mail: Jenninjr@bss1.bham.ac.uk or p.lassman@bham.ac.uk

"Politics, Philosophy & Economics" (PPE), edited by Gerald F. Gaus and
Jonathan Riley (Tulane University), is a new journal that aims to bring
moral, economic and political theory to bear on the analysis,
justification and criticism of political and economic institutions and
public policies.  The journal seeks to provide a distinctive forum for
discussions and debates among political scientists, philosophers, and
economists on such matters as constitutional design, property rights,
distributive justice etc.  The first issue of the journal is to appear in
February 2002 and will include articles by David Miller, Philippe Van
Parijs, Brian Barry, Randy E. Barnett, and Robert E. Goodin.  For more
information about PPE contact the editors at PPE Editorial Office, Murphy
Institute of Political Economy, 108 Tilton Hall, Tulane University, New
Orleans, LA 70118-5698; phone: (504) 865-5317; e-mail: editors@ppe.org or
ggaus@ppe.org or jriley@ppe.org

"Contemporary Political Theory" (CPT) is a new peer-reviewed journal in
political philosophy and theory.  Its general editor is Gary Browning,
Oxford Brookes University.  CPT will include contributions from a wide
range of perspectives including analytical political philosophy, radical
and post- structural political thought, feminist theory, international
relations theory and philosophy of social science.  CPT will be published
three times a year and the first issue is scheduled to appear in March
2002.  For more information contact Raia Prokhovnik, Contemporary
Political Theory, The Open University, Department of Politics, Walton
Hall, Milton Keynes MK7 6AA, UK; e- mail:
Contemporary-Political-Theory@open.ac.uk Or visit:


(All prices in U.S. dollars).

Stephen Barbour and Cathie Carmichael (eds> Language and Nationalism in
Europe (OUP, 2001) $70.00

April Carter, Political Theory of Global Citizenship (Routledge, 2001)

Grant Cornwell and Eve Stoddard (eds) Global Multiculturalism:
Comparative Perspectives on Race, Ethnicity and Nation (Rowman and
Littlefield, 2000) $29.95

Nenad Dimitrijevic (ed) Managing Multiethnic Local Communities in
Countries of Former Yugoslavia (OSI, Budapest, 2001) $21.95

Yash Ghai, Public Participation and Minorities (Minority Rights Group,
2001) $6.95

Monserrat Guibernau and John Hutchinson (eds), Understanding Nationalism
(Polity Press 2001) $24.95

Walter Kemp (ed) Quiet Diplomacy in Action: The OSCE High Commissioner on
National Minorities (Kluwer, 2001) $41.50

Y.N. Kly and D. Kly (eds) In Pursuit of the Right to Self-Determination
(Clarity Press, 2001) $15.35

Maivan Clech Lam, At the Edge of the State: Indigenous Peoples and
Self-Determination (Transnational Pub., 2000) $95.00

Nenad Miscevic, Nationalism and Beyond: Introducing Moral Debate About
Values (CEU Press, 2001) $23.95

David Miller and Sohail Hashmi (eds) Boundaries and Justice: Diverse
Ethical Perspectives (Princeton University Press, 2001)

David Pearson, The Politics of Ethnicity in Settler Societies: States of
Unease (St Martin's Press, 2001) $62.00

Ferran Requejo (ed) Democracy and National Pluralism (Routledge, 2001)

Samuel Scheffler, Boundaries and Allegiances: Problems of Justice and
Responsibility in Liberal Thought (OUP 2001) $29.95

Ayelet Shachar, Multicultural Jurisdictions: Cultural Differences and
Women's Rights (Cambridge University Press, 2001) $19.95

Birte Siim, Gender and Citizenship: Politics and Agency in France, Britain
and Denmark (Cambridge University Press, 2000) $22.95

Carmen Sirianni and Lewis Friedland, Civic Innovation in America:
Community Empowerment, Public Policy, and the Movement for Civic Renewal
(University of California Press, 2001) $19.95

Christine Sistare, Larry May and Leslie Francis (eds) Groups and Group
Rights (University Press of Kansas, 2001) $17.95

Jonathan Stein (ed) The Politics of National Minority Participation in
Post-Communist Europe (ME Sharpe, 2000) $76.95

Snena Trifunovska (editor-in-chief), Fernand de Varennes (guest editor),
Minority Rights in Europe.  European Minorities and Languages (T.M.C.
Asser Press, 2001) $116.00

Jorge Valadez, Deliberative Democracy: Political Legitimacy and Self-
Determination in Multicultural Societies (Westview, 2001) $44.00

Mark Warren, Dry Bones Rattling: Community Building to Revitalize American
Democracy (Princeton University Press, 2001> $12.56

Journal Symposia and Special Issues

There is a symposium on "Human Rights and Global Diversity" in Critical
Review of International Social and Political Philosophy Vol. 3, No. 1
(2000), guest edited by Simon Caney and Peter Jones, with contributions by
Chris Brown, Peter Jones, Simon Caney, Tom Hadden, Kimberly Hutchings,
Mark Bevir, Nicholas Wheeler.

There are two recent symposia in the journal Law and Philosophy that might
be of interest. The first is on hate crime legislation (Vol. 20, No. 2,
2001), guest-edited by Christopher Wellman, with contributions by Heidi
Hurd, Claudia Card, Dan Kahan, Andrew Altman, Michael Blake.  The second
is on citizenship in the European Union (Vol. 20, No. 3., 2001), guest
edited by Andreas Follestal, with contributions by Carlos Closa, Andreas
Follesdal, Percy Lehning and Jos de Beus.

The International Journal of Educational Research, Vol. 35/3 (2001), has a
special issue on multicultural education guest edited by E. Callan and
D.C. Phillips, with articles by S. May and T. Modood, B. Spiecker and J.
Steutel, R. Fullinwider, C. Kukathas, P. Erslin, D. Beckett, T. Hanf.


Sprawy Narodowosciowe (Nationalities Affairs), edited by Wojciech J.
Burszta, is a European biannual periodical devoted to the study of
nationalism and ethnicity.  It focuses on comparative research on
nationalism both as embodied in various nation-states and pursued by
national movements without states.  The editors are seeking
bibliographical essays that discuss publications that analyze particular
nationalisms, including stateless ones.  For more information, contact the
initiator and coordinator of the project "Bibliographical Essays on
Nationalisms", Dr. Tomasz Kamusella, Sprawy Narodowosciowe (Nationalities
Affairs), Unit of the Study of Nationalities, Polish Academy of Sciences,
Stary Rynek 78/79, 61-771 Poznan, Poland; tel/fax: 48 (61) 852-0950;
e-mail: tomasz.kamusella@umwo.opole.pl; or contact the editor Prof.
Wojciech J. Burszta, e-mail: wojbur@amu.edu.pl

McGill Journal of Education is preparing a special issue on Indigenous
Education.  The focus will be diversity and uniqueness of indigenous
education situations geographically and historically, and across
educational levels from preschool to university.  Those interested in
sending a contribution should contact Arlene Stairs, e-mail:


Self-Determination Crisis Watch is an electronic journal edited by Tom
Barry and sponsored by Foreign Policy in Focus (FPIF), a joint project of
the Interhemispheric Resource Centre and the Institute for Policy Studies.
It aims to advance new approaches to self-determination conflicts through
web- based research and analysis. For more information, visit the web
page: http://www.fpif.org/selfdetermination/index.html

Development Gateway, a web site devoted to development-related projects,
has added a section on indigenous peoples, with information on indigenous
peoples around the world and links to related web sites.  Visit:
http://www.developmentgateway.com See also the World Bank's indigenous
peoples website at: http://www.worldbank.org/indigenous

The Council of Europe's website now includes extensive information
relating to the implementation of the Framework Convention for the
Protection of National Minorities, including both state reports on the
implementation of the Convention, and the opinions adopted by the Advisory
Committee regarding how well each state is living up to its obligations.
See http://www.humanrights.coe.int/Minorities/index.htm

A related issue concerns the extent to which EU candidate countries are
complying with the EU's minority protection requirements, one of the
criteria for accession to the EU. The Open Society Institute has
established a "European Union Accession Monitoring Program" to evaluate
this process, and has just released a volume on minority rights protection
in candidate countries. The report is available at: http://www.eumap.org

The OSI's "Managing Multiethnic Communities Project", in cooperation with
the Center for European Migration and Ethnic Studies (CEMES), has compiled
and updated its database on innovative practices in managing multiethnic
communities and local ethnic conflict resolution, with over 150 case
studies. The database is at:  http://lgi.osi.hu/ethnic/csdb/

Papers from the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait
Islander Studies seminar series on "Limit and Possibilities of a Treaty
Process in Australia" are posted at the Institute's web site.  The series
topic was prompted by an interest in an Indigenous treaty process
expressed by the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission and is
convened by the Institute's Native Title Research Unit.  The topics have
covered reconciliation, sovereignty, constitutional and federal theory and
comparative history. http://www.aiatsis.gov.au/rsrch/seminars.htm


The Odyssey Team-Project at California State University at Long Beach was
initiated to focus each year on a theme of broad importance and sponsors a
series of guest lectures, performances, and exhibits.  In 2001-02, the
Odyssey Project's theme will be "The Citizen: Rights, Roles, and
Responsibilities". Throughout the year, citizenship as it relates to
education, the arts, culture, health, the media, public policy,
government, and nationality will be discussed.  For more information,
contact Sharon Olson, Coordinator, Odyssey Project, Academic Projects,
ELIB-113 Bellflower Blvd. Long Beach, CA 90840- 2201; tel: 562-985-4546;
fax: 562-985-7786; e-mail: slolsen@csulb.edu or visit:

The Academy for Migration Studies in Denmark (AMID) is launching a
Visiting Fellows' Programme, open to researchers from other universities
around the world for periods of 1-4 months. The fellowship covers travel
and a monthly stipend. Successful applications will be in residence at
Aalborg University, although stays at other AMID partner institutions in
Copenhagen and Aarhus may be arranged. For information about AMID, see
their website at:  http://www.humsamf.auc.dk/amid/  Or contact the
Administrative Coordinator, Jesper Poulsen at: jpoulsen@humsamf.auc.dk

In 2002, Fitzroy Dearborn Publishers plan to publish The Encyclopedia of
World's Minorities, a new reference source intended to be the
authoritative guide to its subject.  The book is planned as a two-volume
A-Z encyclopedia.  Entries will offer history and context for each
minority and concept covered, and they will supply demographic data.
Information on the encyclopedia in preparation and a list of entries can
be found by contacting the Commissioner Editor Robin Rone, phone: (312)
587-0131 ext. 232; e-mail: robin@fitzroydearborn.com or at the publisher's
web site: http://www.fitzroydearborn.com/chicago/minorities.htm


ANNOUNCEMENTS:  If you would like to announce a new research project,
publication, call for papers, or upcoming conference in a future issue of
this newsletter, please contact us at cded@post.queensu.ca , or you
can write to the Forum for Philosophy and Public Policy, Department of
Philosophy, Queen's University, Watson Hall 313, Kingston Ontario K7L 3N6,
Canada. Fax: 613-533-6545.

The Forum gratefully acknowledges the assistance of the Social Sciences
and Humanities Research Council of Canada in funding this newsletter.
Special thanks to Idil Boran for research help, and to Lise Charlebois for
help with the distribution of the newsletter.

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