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Citizenship, Democracy and Ethnocultural Diversity
Newsletter of the Queen's Forum for Philosophy and Public Policy
No. 28, March 2003


1. Introduction
2. Upcoming Conferences
3. Recent Publications
4. Call for Papers
5. Internet Resources
6. Courses and Summer Schools


The Forum for Philosophy and Public Policy at Queen's University is
organizing a multi-year, research project on citizenship, democracy and
minority rights in multiethnic states, under the direction of Prof. Will
Kymlicka. As part of this project, the Forum distributes a quarterly
newsletter updating recent developments in the field, of which this is the
twenty-eighth issue. We hope that it will be of interest to anyone working
in the field, whether in academia, public service, or various
non-governmental organizations.

If you know anyone who would like to be added to the mailing list for this
newsletter, please contact us at cded@post.queensu.ca . Back-issues
of the newsletter are posted on the Web on Will Kymlicka's home-page:


A full preliminary program for the Eighth Annual World Convention of the
Association for the Study of Nationalities is now available on the ASN
website. The conference, which focuses primarily on ethnic and national
issues in post-Communist Europe and Central Asia, is set to take place
April 3-5, 2003 in New York. To view the program, go to:

The Borderland Foundation and the Borderland Center of Cultures, Arts and
Nations are co-ordinating an international symposium called "Modernity and
Multiculturalism: Between Sarajevo, New York and Jerusalem". The symposium
will take place April 4-6, 2003, in the Foundation's headquarters in
Sejny, Poland, in the former Camaldolite monastery on Wigry lake. For
details, contact: Krzysztof Czyzewski, Ul. Kosciuszki 71, 16-400 Suwalki,
Polska; tel/fax: +48 87 565 0369; email: fundacja@pogranicze.sejny.pl.

An international conference called "Diversity, Justice and Democracy:
Challenges and Visions" is being organized by the Diplomatic Academy,
Vienna. The conference will take place April 7-8, 2003, in the city of
Vienna. Speakers will include Anne Phillips, Melissa Williams, Chantel
Mouffe and John Crowley of UNESCO.  For more information, contact Dilek
Cinar, European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research, Berggasse
17, A-1090 Vienna, email: cinar@euro.centre.org; tel: (+43-1) 319 45 05 -
34; fax: (+43-1) 319 45 05 - 59; website: http://www.euro.centre.org

An international conference called "Dialogue among Civilisations: The Key
to a Safe Future" is being organized for April 23-26, 2003 in Warsaw,
Poland. The UNESCO sponsored event will investigate the different ways
that inter-civilizational and inter-cultural dialogue can be promoted and
structured. The site of the conference is the Gromada Hotel & Congress
Centre in Warsaw. The organizing committee can be reached at: M.
Konopnickiej St. 6, 00-491 Warsaw, Poland; tel: 48-601 29 81 39, 48-22-339
06 21; fax: 48-22- 339 06 29; email: prap@post.pl

"The 'Legislation' of Human Rights" is a two-day conference scheduled for
April 25-26, 2003, at University College, London. Contributors will
discuss the 'balance sheet' of human rights practice, studies and
research, all in relation to the dominant legal approach to the human
rights debate. Scheduled speakers include Jack Donnelly, Michael Freeman,
Stanley Cohen, Francesca Klug, and Ratna Kapur. Further details (and
registration materials) can be found at: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/spp/hr
Queries should be sent under the subject "Human Rights Conference 2003"
to: spp@ucl.ac.uk

A conference called "Whose Europe? National Models and the Constitution of
the European Union" has been organized for April 25-27, 2003, at Oxford
University, as part of the ongoing Europaeum project. For more
information, contact: The Conference Assistant (Europe), Europaeum, 99
Banbury Road, Oxford, OX2 6JX; tel: +44 (0) 1865 284482; fax: +44 1865
284481; email: euroinfo@europaeum.ox.ac.uk; website:

A graduate student conference on the topic "Pluralism" will be hosted at
the University of Toronto's Department of Philosophy, from May 2-4, 2003.
The conference website posts information about speakers, scheduling and
details about the conference location. The website is posted at:
http://www.chass.utoronto.ca/gpsu/conf/ Email inquiries can be sent to:

The Institute of Intergovernmental Relations, in association with the
Canadian Network of Federalism Studies, is holding a conference on
"Federal - Municipal - Provincial Relations in Canada." The conference
will take place on May 9-10, 2003, in the School of Policy Studies,
Queen's University, Kingston. For more information, to register, or to
download a copy of the conference agenda, visit the conference web site:

The Danish Network on Political Theory, in collaboration with the Danish
Research Group on Cultural Encounters is organizing a conference entitled
"What's the Culture in Multiculturalism - What's the Difference of
Identities? Contesting the Future of Equality, Secularism, and National
Solidarity".  The conference will take place on 22-24 May 2003, at the
University of Aarhus, Denmark. In diagnoses of multicultural societies and
prescriptions for a multicultural future it is far from clear what
constitutes 'culture' or what makes up the 'identities' that require
recognition. Better informed answers to these questions are needed in
debates on equality, state neutrality, and the political integration of
states. Keynote speakers include Nancy Fraser, Axel Honneth, Gerard
Delanty and Cecile Laborde.  For more information, contact: Per Mouritsen,
Department of Political Science, University of Aarhus, pm@ps.au.dk. Or
visit the conference website:  http://www.politicaltheory.dk/conference/

Participants at the Canadian Political Science Association's Annual
Conference might also be interested in a workshop on how to make use of
the Minorities at Risk project (MAR). The workshop is entitled "Using and
Understanding Minorities at Risk: Towards the Next Wave of Scholarship",
and it will take place on May 29, 2003, during the CPSA meetings in
Halifax, Nova Scotia. Those interested in attending the workshop should
email Michael Johns of the MAR Project at: minpro@cidcm.umd.edu to reserve
a space.

The theme of the Fourth International Citizenship Education Research
Network (CERN) Forum is "The Potential of Citizenship Education:
Generating Synergy and Partnerships". The Forum takes place June 1, 2003,
in Halifax, Nova Scotia. To register, access the following website:
http://www.csse.ca. The Forum's organizer is Sue McGregor, Department of
Education, Mt. St. Vincent University; Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3M 3J6; tel:
902-457-6385; fax: 902-457-6455;  email: sue.mcgregor@msvu.ca

The ninth annual International Conference on Minority Languages will be
held in Kiruna, Sweden, June 6-7, 2003. The main theme of the conference
is the revitalization of languages, particularly those languages spoken by
small communities. Topics to be discussed include: case studies of
revitalisation of minority languages, language emancipation,
implementation of the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages
and experiences from bilingual education and language immersion. To obtain
information about the conference program and travel arrangements, contact:
Birger Winsa, Department of Finnish, Stockholm University, 10691
Stockholm, Sweden; fax: 46-8-158871; or visit the conference website:

The Axel Johnson Foundation of Sweden has announced the 2003 Engelsberg
Seminar, "Towards a Cosmopolitan Culture? Future Consequences of Religion,
Ethnicity and Migration for Europe". The seminar is scheduled for June
13-15, 2003. For further details on the seminar, contact: Louise Belfrage,
The Axel Johnson Foundation, SE- 103 75 Stockholm, Sweden; tel: 46 8788
5000; fax: 46 8 788 50 10; website: http://www.axsonjohnsonfoundation.org/

Multicultural Days is a two-day conference at Brock University, starting
on June 27th, the first Multicultural Day in Canada. The conference will
bring together Canadian researchers to present their work on multicultural
issues. Topic areas are: immigration and acculturation, immigrant
experiences, discrimination and racism, and combating racism. A contact
for the event is: Dawm Zinga, Department of Child and Youth Studies, Brock
University, 500 Glenridge Ave., St. Catherines, Ontario, L2S 3A1; tel: 905
688 5550 (ext. 3152); fax: 905 642 2509; email: dzinga@brocku.ca. The
conference website is posted at: http://www.multiculturaldays.ca/

An International Law and Ethics Conference Series (ILECS) event called
"Collective Identity, Sovereignty and Minority Rights" will take place at
Belgrade University in Serbia from June 27-29, 2003. For further
information contact Aleksander Jokic, Department of Philosophy and
Conflict Resolution, Portland State University, PO Box 751, Portland OR,
97207-0751; tel: (503) 735 3503; fax: (503) 725 3524; email:

"Democracy and Human Rights in Multiethnic Societies" is a conference
taking place in Konic, Bosnia, July 7-11, 2003. The seminar will be held
at the Cultural House, Konjic. Translations from/to English/Bosnian will
be provided. Contact the Institute for Strengthening Democracy in BH,
Varda 1, 88400 Konjic, Bosnia-Herzegovina; tel/fax: +387 88 729 806;
email: izjd-ko@bih.net.ba, dzemal.sokolovic@isp.uib.no The conference
website is posted at: http://www.bosnet.org/democracy_institute

The Open University Branch of the Royal Institute of Philosophy is holding
a one-day conference entitled "Justice after Rawls" on July 26, 2003 at
Walton Hall in the city of Milton Keynes. Featured speakers at the event
will include Clare Chambers, Matt Matravers, Sue Mendus and Michael
Otsuka. Visit the conference website for updates:

The eighth International Metropolis Conference will be held from September
15-19, 2003, in Vienna, Austria. The topic for this year's event is
"Gaining from Migration: A Global Perspective on Opportunities for
Economic and Social Prosperity". The conference will focus on the
opportunities created by responsible and inclusive approaches to
immigration for both receiving and sending societies. Detailed information
about the conference is posted on the Metropolis International website:

The Centre for German-Jewish Studies at the University of Sussex is
organising a two-day conference on "Nationalist Myths and Modern Media" in
October 2003, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Board. The
conference aims to bring together researchers working in a variety of
disciplines (including history, social and political sciences, media
studies), journalists and policy makers.  Papers will explore the myths
and mythologized histories being revived by nationalists in an era of
globalisation and mass media. For details, contact Dr Hans Brinks
(j.h.brinks@home.nl) or Dr Stella Rock (stellarock@btopenworld.com). Visit
the conference website for more information:

The Danish Research Group on Cultural Encounters is hosting a
cross-disciplinary conference entitled "Constituting Communities:
Political Solutions to Cultural Difference in Europe". The conference will
take place from October 23-25, 2003, at the University of Aarhus in
Copenhagen, Denmark. For more information, contact: Per Mouritsen,
Department of Political Science, University of Aarhus, Copenhagen,
Denmark; tel: +45 8942 1244; email: pm@ps.au.dk.

(prices in U.S. dollars).

Amit, Vered (ed.) (2002) Realizing Community: Concepts, Social
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Policy and the Welfare State (Oxford UP) $28.95

Borrows, John (2002) Recovering Canada: The Resurgence of Indigenous Law
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Bryceson, Deborah and Ulla Vuorela (eds) (2003) The Transnational Family:
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Burke, John Francis (2002) Mestizo Democracy: The Politics of Crossing
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Colby, Anne, Thomas Ehrlich, Elizabeth Beaumont & Jason Stephens (2003)
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Journal Special Issues and Symposia

The electronic Journal on Ethnopolitics and Minority Issues in Europe
(JEMIE) has published a special focus issue on the topic "EU Enlargement
and Minority Rights" (Issue 1/2003). For more information on this issue,
visit the JEMIE website: http://www.ecmi.de/jemie/specialfocus.html

A recent issue of Citizenship Studies contains a series of articles on
traditions of citizenship in Europe (Vol. 7, No. 1, March 2003). One
article takes up the traditions of citizenship contained within the EU,
and others examine specific nations like Britain, France and Germany.

The MOST Journal on Multicultural Societies has recently published a
special issue about "Protecting Endangered Minority Languages:
Socio-Linguistic Perspectives" (Vol 4, No 2). This issue, which is guest
edited by Eda Derhemi, focuses on problems of endangered minority
languages and their protection through public policy-making.

The journal Commonwealth & Comparative Politics has published a special
issue on the topic "Decentring the Indian Nation" (Vol. 40, No. 2,
November 2002). The issue includes articles on constitutional federalism,
regionalism, devolution of powers, secular democracy and cultural
nationalism, all in the context of politics on the subcontinent.

A special issue of the journal Hagar: International Social Science Review
is dedicated to the theme "New Spaces of Nationalism" (Vol. 3, No. 2,
2002). Authors include Ian Lustick, Christine Drennon and Susan Mains.

The journal National Identities recently published a special issue on
"Peripheral Identities in the Iberian Context" (4/3, 2002). Articles in
this issue take up several questions related to Spanish and Portuguese
questions of national identity. Paper abstracts are posted at the
following address:

A recent issue of the Journal of Southern African Studies includes a
series of articles on ethnicity, identity, citizenship and issues related
to minorities in Botswana and elsewhere in Southern Africa (Vol. 28, No.
4, 2002).

The Georgetown Journal of International Affairs has released a special
issue on the theme "State of the Nation" (Winter 2003). The issue
highlights articles analyzing the relationship between ethnic pluralism,
nationalism, and the creation and governance of states. The GJIA is a
nationally distributed publication of the Walsh School of Foreign Affairs
at Georgetown University. Go to: http://journal.georgetown.edu

A recent issue of the journal Roma Rights addresses issues pertaining to
segregation and desegregation of Roma in Europe (Issues 3-4, 2002). The
issue features an editorial by Dimitrina Petrova, and articles by Mihai
Surdu, Petr Visek, Paivi Gynther, and others.

Conciliation Resources has just published the 13th issue of their series,
Accord: an International Review of Peace Initiatives, under the theme
"Owning the Process: Public Participation in Peacemaking". Full text
articles for this issue are available on line at:

The journal Philosophy and Social Criticism recently published an issue
containing several articles on public deliberation and pluralism (Vol. 29,
No. 1, 2003). Three articles (by Martha Nussbaum, James Bohman and E.
Mendieta) critique the position of Jorge Valadez, who offers a response in
the same issue.

New Journals

Kolor - Journal on Moving Communities is a new journal dedicated to issues
such as migration, ethnicity, integration, racism, multiculturalism and
multilingualism. Kolor appears twice per year (May and November) in
English, and occasionally special issues will focus on particular
communities or issues. Kolor is published by the Migration and Ethnicity
Research Institute Brussels and the Brussels Minorities Centre FOYER. The
website for this new journal is: http://www.kolor.be To contact the
editors, email: kolor@foyer.be

Other Publications

A recent publication from Council of Europe Publishing might be useful to
Newsletter readers. Entitled "The Protection of National Minorities by
their Kin-State"  (Science and Technology No. 32, 2002), this volume
contains a set of reports produced by the Venice Commission on the
treatment of national minorities by their kin-states.


Minority Rights Group International is about to launch a project aimed at
broadening the interpretation of rights for minorities and indigenous
peoples. MRG has issued a "call for cases" to its partners and NGOs
capable of identifying cases that potentially set legal precedents for the
protection of minority rights. Relevant cases, as well as questions and
comments about the project, may be forwarded to Cynthia Morel, Legal Cases
Officer for MRG, at: 379 Brixton Road, London, SW9 7DE, UK; email:

A new publication called In Focus Journal is seeking submissions of
various kinds from graduate students working on any aspect of comparative,
international and intercultural education. Full length essays and book
reviews are welcome. For information on In Focus Journal, visit the
following website: http://www.escotet.org/infocus


A study called "Minority Rights in Education: Lessons for the European
Union from Estonia, Latvia, Romania and the former Yugoslav Republic of
Macedonia", written by Duncan Wilson, was recently posted on the website
of the Right to Education Project at the Raoul Wallenberg Institute. You
can access the study by viewing the following pdf file:

The website for the Center for Comparative Immigration Studies (CCIS) at
UC San Diego posts a large number of working papers in a special section.
The Working Papers section now contains roughly 70 full text essays. To
view the working papers go to:

A new report called "Roma and the Question of Self-determination: Fiction
and Reality", prepared by the Project on Ethnic Relations, is available in
full text on the PER website: http://www.per-usa.org/Jadwisin1_12_03.pdf
(note: you may have to rotate the text within Adobe Acrobat).

A new mailing list called "InterPhil" may be of interest to Newsletter
readers. InterPhil provides a news board on events and publications in the
broad field of intercultural philosophy. Messages will be limited to calls
for papers, employment opportunities and other professional announcements.
To obtain further information, or to subscribe to the list, visit:

The Alertanet-Portal resource on law and society is now back on the web.
The site contains information on indigenous peoples, justice,
multiculturalism, human rights, democracy, women and gender, and Latin
American issues. To access the Alertanet Portal, go to:

In February 2003, the Centre for Documentation and Information on
Minorities in Europe (CEDIME) launched a useful online guide to the
Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities. The guide
is a comprehensive and user-friendly tool listing the relevant legal
materials, all related dates, state and NGO reports, opinions, state
comments on opinions, Committee of Ministers resolutions, and other
related documents. To access this guide, go to:

The website of the Citizenship Foundation, an organization based in the UK
and supported by the 'Law Society and Solicitors', provides numerous
research tools relevant to citizenship and citizenship education. Sections
are dedicated to teaching support, citizenship in the news and CF
publications. The URL for this website is: www.citfou.org.uk

The Communitarian Network has created a new website, which posts projects,
publications and background information about the CN. The access the
website, go to:  www.communitariannetwork.org


The Centre for Refugee Studies at York University is holding a Summer
Course on Refugee Issues. The course, which takes place at York
University, In Toronto, Ontario, from May 17 - 25, 2003, offers
postgraduate training in refugee issues for practitioners inside and
outside government. The course includes panel discussions, case studies, a
simulation exercise, and lectures from international experts. For further
information and registration, contact: Florence Ocen, Course Coordinator
Centre for Refugee Studies, York University, Suite 315, York Lanes, 4700
Keele Street, Toronto, Ontario, M3J 1P3; tel: 416-736-5423; fax:
416-736-5837; email: summer@yorku.ca; website: www.yorku.ca/crs

A summer course entitled "Citizenship and Social Rights" will be offered
from July 7-11, 2003, at the Instituto Internacional de Sociologyia
Juridicia (IISJ), in Spain. The course will be taught in both English and
French. For more information, visit the cummer course website:
http://www.iisj.es/cursoverano03.html; or contact: Antigua Universidad,
Apartado 28, 20560 Oñati (Gipuzkoa), España; tel.: +34 943 78 30 64 / +34
943 78 34 00; fax: +34 943 78 31 47 / +34 943 71 80 00; email:

A summer seminar on the topic "Christianity, Islam and Judaism: How to
Conquer the Barriers to Intercultural Dialogue" will take place from
September 15-26, 2003, at the University Centre St-Ignatius Antwerp. The
course includes sections on topics such as Peace and Conflict, Gender,
Human Rights, and Nationalism and Ethnicity. For further information,
contact Barbara Segaert, email: babara.segaert@ua.ac.be, or visit the
following website: http://www.ucsia.com


ANNOUNCEMENTS:  If you would like to announce a new research project,
publication, call for papers, or upcoming conference in a future issue of
this newsletter, please contact us at cded@post.queensu.ca , or you
can write to the Forum for Philosophy and Public Policy, Department of
Philosophy, Queen's University, Watson Hall 313, Kingston Ontario K7L 3N6,
Canada. Fax: 613-533-6545.

Special thanks to Michael Kocsis for research help, and to Lise Charlebois
for help with the distribution of the newsletter.

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