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Citizenship, Democracy and Ethnocultural Diversity
Newsletter of the Queen's Forum for Philosophy and Public Policy
No. 29, June 2003


1.   Introduction
2.   Language Rights and Political Theory
3.   Upcoming Conferences
4.   Recent Publications
5.   Call for Papers
6.   Internet Resources
7.   Courses and Summer Schools


The Forum for Philosophy and Public Policy at Queen's University is
organizing a multi-year, research project on citizenship, democracy and
minority rights in multiethnic states, under the direction of Prof. Will
Kymlicka. As part of this project, the Forum distributes a quarterly
newsletter updating recent developments in the field, of which this is the
twenty-ninth issue. We hope that it will be of interest to anyone working
in the field, whether in academia, public service, or various
non-governmental organizations.

If you would like to be added to the mailing list for this newsletter,
please contact us at cded@post.queensu.ca . Back-issues of the
newsletter are posted on the Web on Will Kymlicka's home-page:


The Forum is pleased to announce the recent publication of Language Rights
and Political Theory (Oxford University Press, 2003), edited by Will
Kymlicka and Alan Patten. This volume is one of the results of our
research project, and is intended to provide a state-of-the-art
examination of the relationship between linguistic diversity, democratic
citizenship and liberal justice. The volume contains chapters by Ruth
Rubio-Marin, David Laitin and Rob Reich, Thomas Pogge, Stephen May,
Philippe Van Parijs, Francois Grin, Idil Boran, Michael Blake,Jacob Levy,
Daniel Weinstock, Denise Réaume, and a lengthy theoretical overview by the editors.



A workshop called "Paths of Integration: Similarities and Differences in
the Settlement Process of Immigrants in Europe, 1880-2000", organized by
the Institute for Migration Research and Intercultural Studies (IMIS), is
being held at the University of Osnabruck, Germany, on June 20th-21st,
2003. Coordinated by Leo Lucassen and Jochen Oltmer, the workshop will
consider issues relevant to both North American and European experiences
of immigration by placing these experiences in historical context.
Conference papers and other details will be posted on the IMIS home page:
http://www.imis.uni-osnabrueck.de/english/index.htm (look under
"IMIS-Tagungen"). For further details, contact the IMIS directly at:

A workshop on "Identity & Self-determination", organized by the Centre for
Applied Philosophy & Public Ethics, University of Melbourne, & the
Division of Law, Macquarie University, Sydney, will be held at the
University of Melbourne on August 7th-8th, 2003. Scheduled speakers for
the workshop include: Karen Knop, Geoffrey Levey, Margaret Moore,
Aleksandar Pavkovic, Igor Primoratz, Peter Radan, Janna Thompson, and
Daniel Weinstock. For more information, contact: Igor Primoratz; email:

The Civil Rights Project at Harvard University will host an event called
"The Color Lines Conference: Segregation and Integration in America's
Present and Future", which will take place at Harvard University,
Cambridge Mass., from August 30th - September 1st, 2003. The conference
will include panels on a range of important issues such as integration in
schools, integration in health care, neighborhood diversity and
residential segregation. For information on panel presentations, email:
Andrew Grant-Thomas, Color Lines Conference Director, at:
agthomas@law.harvard.edu. Forward other questions by email to:
colorlines@law.harvard.edu. A conference website can be found at:

The inaugural event of the Centre for the Study of Citizenship at Wayne
State University will be a conference entitled "The Many Faces of
Patriotism". The event will be held September 11th-12th, 2003, at Ferry
Hall, Wayne State University, Detroit, USA. For further information
contact Marc Kruman, Department of History, Wayne State University;
phone: 313-577-2593; email: aa1277@wayne.edu Titles of presentations (and
other conference information) can be viewed on a conference website at the
following URL: http://www.cla.wayne.edu/csc/conference2003.html

The Faculties of Law and Social Science at the University of Western
Ontario will be hosting a major international conference on rights,
judicial review and public policy on September 12, 2003, called
"Constitutionalism in the Charter Era". The conference programme includes
the following speakers: Justice Antonin Scalia (United States Supreme
Court), Mr. Justice Ian Binnie (Supreme Court of Canada), Jeremy Waldron,
Chris Manfredi, Janet Hiebert, Tsvi Kahana and David Dyzenhaus.
Information can be obtained from conference organizers: Ian Brodie,
Department of Political Science, University of Western Ontario, London,
Ontario; at tel: (519) 661-2111 ext. 85164;  fax: (519) 661-3904; email:
irbrodie@uwo.ca or Grant Huscroft, tel: (519) 661-2111 ext. 88375;
ghuscrof@uwo.ca Registration details and other information is available at
the following web address:

"Thinking through a Collapsing World" is a two-part conference organized
by the School of Communication, Arts and Critical Inquiry, and Faculty of
Humanities and Social Sciences, La Trobe University, and the Monash Centre
for the Study of Ethics in Medicine and Society. The first part of the
event is a formal conference including major speakers such as Chantal
Mouffe and Alfonso Lingis, and the second part involves a series of
workshops in which participants meet face to face with the aim of
developing new projects and practices. The conference will take place from
September 19th-20th, 2003, at Conway Hall, South Place Ethical Society, 25
Red Lion Square, London, UK, WC1R 4RL. For more information, get in touch
with the conference organizers at the following email address:
info.collapsingworld@med.monash.edu.au; or visit the conference website
at: http://www.collapsingworld.org

The Critical Issues in Pluralism Project, a new research project related
to Inter-Disciplinary Net, will host its first global conference from
September 19th - 21st, 2003, at Mansfield College, Oxford University. The
conference will explore the challenges of pluralism in the contemporary
world, and seek to identify the political, economic, religious and
literary limits of pluralism. Margaret Chatterjee is keynote speaker for
the event. Further information can be obtained by contacting Dr Rob
Fisher, c/o Learning Solutions, Priory House, 149b Wroslyn Road Freeland,
Oxfordshire, OX29 8HR, United Kingdom; email: rf@inter-disciplinary.net
Details are also posted on the conference website:

The Korean National Commission for UNESCO (KNCU) and the Gyeongju World
Culture Expo are organizing an event called the "International Forum on
Cultural Diversity and Common Values". The Forum will take place from
September 24th-26th, 2003, at the Hyundai Hotel in Gyeongju, South Korea.
Themes will include globalization & culture, localization and cultural
identity, common values and the frontiers of culture. Correspondence
should be addressed to the Forum secretariat: Mr. LIM Hyun-Mook, Forum
Coordinator, Korean National Commission for UNESCO, COP Box 64, Seoul,
Korea; tel: 82-2 755 3014; fax: 82-2 755 7477; email: hmlim@unesco.or.kr

The Faculty of Education of the University of Ottawa will be hosting a
conference entitled "Educating for Peace and Global Awareness:
Conversations and Curriculum" on October 3 and 4, 2003. It will offer a
wide range of practical workshops and formal presentations on aspects of
peace and global education. Topics include conflict resolution, equitable
educational practice and approaches to ethical citizenship. For more
information, visit the conference webstie at
http://www.education.uottawa.ca/peaceandglobalawareness.html or send an
email to peace@ottawa.ca.

The Centre for Values and Ethics and the Centre for Security and Defense
Studies at Carleton University are organizing a conference entitled
"Intervention: Then What?". Taking place from October 3rd-6th, 2003, at
Ottawa's Carleton University, the conference will focus on the ethical,
security and developmental issues arising from interventions and
post-intervention situations. Plenary speakers are scheduled for each of
three conference themes, which are: ethical issues, security and
development, and post-intervention administration and governance. For
further details, contact Steven Davis, 2127 Dunton Tower, Carleton
University, Ottawa, Canada; tel: (613) 520-6000 ext. 3824; email:
davis@connect.carleton.ca Information is available on the WWW at:

A bilingual, interdisciplinary colloquium entitled "Traverser Les
Frontieres De La Territorialite" will be held at the University of Ottawa
from October 17th- 18th, 2003. The colloquium aims to expand upon existing
analyses of territoriality by exchanging case studies and conceptual
studies in the fields of social geography, sociology, political studies
and ethnology. To obtain further information, contact Helene Pellerin at
the Department of Political Science, University of Ottawa, or email:
hpelleri@uottawa.ca A conference website is posted at:

"Interculturalism: Exploring Critical Issues" is a multidisciplinary
research project associated with Inter-Disciplinary Net that will explore
the meaning and implications of interculturalism from both practical and
theoretical perspectives. To mark the launch of this new project, a global
conference will be held October 30th - November 1st, 2003 in Milan, Italy.
Papers on various themes related to interculturalism and intercultural
dialogue are welcome. Abstracts should be submitted prior to July 4th,
2003. All papers accepted for and presented at the conference will be
published as an ISBN eBook. For more information, contact: Dr Jones Irwin,
St Patrick's College, Dublin, Ireland; email: jones1@popmail.com; or Dr
Rob Fisher, c/o Learning Solutions, Priory House, 149B Wroslyn Road,
Freeland, Oxfordshire OX29 8HR; email: rf@inter-disciplinary.net, or go to
the Interculturalism Project website at:

The 5th Annual Post-Graduate Conference on Central and Eastern Europe will
take place from November 6th - 8th, 2003, at the School of Slavonic and
East European Studies, University College London, Bloomsbury, London. The
conference theme this year will be "States, Societies, and Individuals:
Transfiguring Perspectives and Images of Central and Eastern Europe". For
more information, contact: SSEES Postgraduate Conference, School of
Slavonic and East European Studies, Senate House, Malet House, London,
WC1E7HU, UK; tel: +44(0) 207 8628544; email: conference@ssees.ac.uk or
access the conference webpage located at:

A conference called "Philosophy and the Idea of Tolerance" will take place
at American University, in Washington, DC, as the Thirteenth Annual
McDowell Conference on Philosophy and Social Policy. This one-day event
will be held on Friday, November 14, 2003, from 1-6pm. A contact for the
event is: Jeffrey Reiman, Department of Philosophy, American University;
tel: 202 885 2927; email: jreiman@american.edu

>From January 2-10 2004, an international workshop and conference
on "Transnational Risks and Civil Society" will take place in Berlin,
Germany. The event is part of a series of workshops and conferences on
transnationality organized by the Irmgard Coninx Foundation, the Social
Science Research Center Berlin (WZB) and Humboldt University, Berlin. The
keynote speaker at the conference will be Klaus Topfer, Executive Director
of the United Nations Environment Programme, who will speak on
Transnational Risk and the Role of the UN. Other speakers will include
Amitai Etzioni, Susan George and Francois Ewald. Those interested in
participating in the event should submit a C.V. and a proposal outlining
their research project by August 1st, 2003 to the conference organizers:
Ralf Muller or Dr. Sabine Berking, Irmgard Coninx Stiftung, c/o
Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin fur, Sozialforschung, Reichpietschufer 50,
D-10785; tel: 49-30-25491411; fax: 49-30-25491684; email:
info@irmgard-coninx-stiftung.de Detailed conference information is posted
on the WWW at: http://www.irmgard-coninx-stiftung.de/

The XV Inter-American Congress and the II Iberian American Congress of
Philosophy will hold a joint congress in Lima Peru from January 12th-16th,
2002, at the campus of the Pacificia Universidad Catolica del Peru.
Plenary sessions will deal with the main theme of the Congress, which is
"Toleration". Conference information is available on the WWW at:

The Association for the Study of Ethnicity and Nationalism will host its
14th Annual Conference April 23rd-24th, 2004, at the London School of
Economics. Themes for the two-day conference will be: "When is the
Nation?" and "Ethnosymbolism in the Works of Anthony Smith". The deadline
to submit paper proposals is July 1st, 2003. Summaries should be
accompanied by brief biographical information and presenter's contact
information. Conference information can be obtained by contacting: 2004
Conference Committee, ASEN, A214, London School of Economics, Houghton
Street, London WC2A 2AE, UK; email: asen@lse.ac.uk

A conference called "The History of Human Rights" will be held in London,
UK, in May 2004. Hosted by the Institute of Contemporary History and the
Weiner Library of the Leo Baeck Institute, themes to be taken up at this
conference include natural rights and human rights, human rights and
religious faith, ethics and human rights, women and human rights, and
universalism vs. culturalism. Abstracts must be submitted prior to
October, 1st 2003, and must consider issues dealing with the history of
human rights. For submission details and other information, contact the
conference organizers at the following email address:

An international conference on "Language and the Future of Europe:
Ideologies, Policies and Practices" will be held July 8th-10th, 2004, at
the University of Southampton. Organized by the Centre for Transnational
Studies, the conference will examine a number of the policy issues and
practical problems surrounding the debate over EU accession. Paper
proposals are due by January 31st, 2004, and these can be submitted to
lipp@soton.ac.uk A detailed conference website is posted at the following
URL: http://www.lang.soton.ac.uk/lipp/

(all prices in U.S. dollars).

Batt, Judy and Katharyna Wolczuk (eds) (2002) Region, State and Identity
in Central and Eastern Europe (Frank Cass) $26.50

Bean, Frank and Gillian Stevens (2003) America's Newcomers: Immigration
Incorporation and the Dynamics of Diversity (Russell Sage) $32.50

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Perspectives (Manchester UP) $55.96

Eberle, C. (2002) Religious Conviction in Liberal Politics (Cambridge UP)

Fox, Jonathan (2002) Ethnoreligious Conflict in the Late 20th Century: A
General Theory (Lexington Books) $70.00

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Galeotti, Anna (2002) Toleration as Recognition (Cambridge UP) $52.85

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Federation (Cambridge UP) $75.00

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Citizenship: Immigrants in Liberal Nation-States (Palgrave) $69.95

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Theory (Oxford UP) $24.95

Madeley, John and Zsolt Enyedi (eds) (2003) Church and State in
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Wolff, Stefan (ed) (2003) German Minorities in Europe: Ethnic Identity and
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Journal Special Issues and Symposia

The spring 2003 issue of the communitarian quarterly, The Responsive
Community, includes a symposium on the Diversity within Unity Project
(Vol. 13, No. 2, Spring 2003). In this symposium, Rainer Baubock, David
Hollinger and Ruth Rabio Marin offer their analyses of the DWU project,
followed with a response by Amitai Etzioni. A table of contents for the
symposium can be viewed on the website of The Communitarian Network at:

The Berkeley Electronic Press, together with editors Robert Post, Philip
Frickey, and James Gordley, announces the publication of a two-part
symposium on the classic Owen Fiss article, "Groups and the Equal
Protection Clause." The symposium is part of the Issues in Legal
Scholarship journal, which is an electronic publication offering a forum
for discussion of seminal articles in the field of legal scholarship. Both
parts of the symposium are available on-line at the ILS website:

Proceedings from the first Citizenship Studies Symposium, held as part of
the Citizenship Studies Media Lab (CSML), were recently published and are
now also posted on-line. The Symposium, which took place January 15th,
2003, at York University, included papers by Catherine Phillips, Alex
Lefebvre, Peter Nyers, Melanie White and others on a wide range of topics
related to citizenship, both in Canada and abroad. The Proceedings are
available for viewing at: http://csml.calumet.yorku.ca/toc.htm

A special issue of Psychologica Belgica, the quarterly journal of the
Belgian Psychological Society, is dedicated to the theme of "Social
identity and Citizenship" (Vol. 43, No.1, 2003). The issue is edited by M.
Sanchez Mazas and O. Klein.

A recent issue of the Cambridge Journal of Education, (Vol. 33, No. 1,
2003) includes several papers on citizenship education in societies of
conflict. Articles consider countries such as Israel, South Africa,
Croatia, Northern Ireland.

The journal Political Psychology has a symposium on the political
psychology of nationalism in Vol. 24, #2 (2003).

A recent issue of Perspectives on European Politics and Society (PEPS) is
a special issue under the theme "'Europeanisation': Regulation and
Identity in the New Europe" (Vol. 4, No. 1, 2003). The issue is edited by
Neil Winn and Erika Harris, and takes up such topics as identities in
contemporary Europe, minority politics and European Integration, parties
of the EU and the "legitimacy deficit" in the emerging EU.

Volume 6, Number 1 (2003) of the journal Ethical Theory and Moral Practice
includes a series of papers in religious pluralism and the state. Authors
include Veit Bader, Nancy Rosenblum and Lucas Swaine.

A Special Focus issue of the Journal on Ethnopolitics and Minority Issues
in Europe (JEMIE) takes up the important topic of EU Enlargement and
Minority Rights (Issue 1/2003). This issue includes articles about power
sharing in accession countries, monitoring of minority rights, and case
studies of Latvia and Estonia. To view Issue 1/2003, visit the JEMIE
website at: http://www.ecmi.de/jemie/specialfocus.html

Theory and Research in Education has published a special issue on the
theory and teaching of citizenship education (Vol. 1, No. 1, 2003).
Articles appearing in this issue focus on the philosophy of education and
political philosophy, the role of identity politics in pluralist
democracies, and the deliberative approach to democratic education.

The journal Latin American Perspectives (Vol. 30, No. 2, 2002) contains a
series of articles on citizenship from a Latin American perspective.
Articles take up such issues as women's citizenship, undocumented
immigrants, and the correlation between citizenship and poverty.

The Berkeley Journal of Sociology has published a new issue containing
articles on various topics related to citizenship, race and ethnicity in a
global context (Vol. 46, 2002).


The journal "Peace Review, A Journal of Social Justice" has issued a call
for papers on the topic of "Patriotism". What is Patriotism in light of
post-9/11 nationalism and imperialism? This is a question not merely for
Americans but for people around the world. Peace Review is a quarterly,
multidisciplinary, transnational journal of research and analysis,
focusing on the current issues and controversies that underlie the
promotion of a more peaceful world. Our task is to present the results of
this research and thinking in short (2500-3500 words), accessible and
substantial essays. Essays for this special issue are due by July 15,
2003. For guidelines or to send essay submissions by email attachment,
please contact Anne Hieber, Managing Editor, at: hieber@usfca.edu.
Editorial correspondence, including submissions can be sent to: Robert
Elias, eliasr@usfca.edu, Peace Review, University of San Francisco, 2130
Fulton Street, San Francisco, CA, 94117.  Telephone: 415-422-2910 or Fax:

Federal Governance, a new journal for graduate students and post-grads
published under the auspices of the Canadian Network of Federalism Studies
(CNFS) and the Institute of Intergovernmental Relations at Queen's
University, is currently accepting essays, book notes and reviews on
topics related to federalism, multi-level governance and associated areas
of political studies and political philosophy. To view a call for papers,
visit the Federal Governance website at:
http://cnfs.queensu.ca/federalgovernance/ To contact the editors or submit
papers by email, use the following email address:

Papers are being accepted for Special Focus Issue of the Journal on
Ethnopolitics and Minority Issues in Europe (JEMIE) on the topic
"Reconceptualizing Autonomy in Post-Communist Europe". A provisional
deadline for submission is scheduled for August 15th, 2003. Manuscripts of
between 7000-10000 words will be accepted, and should be submitted
electronically to Graham Holliday at the email address below. Articles
should include a preliminary abstract, brief biographical note including
affiliation, and a list of references. Articles and queries should be
forwarded to: holliday@ecmi.de Additional information is available on the
WWW at: http://www.ecmi.de/jemie/submit.html

Religion, State and Society is a publication devoted to issues of ethnic
and religious politics in Communist and formerly communist countries
throughout the world. The focus is on the legacy of encounters between
religion and communism. Religion, State and Society is currently
soliciting book reviews on recent monographs and articles of up to 7000
words. To submit manuscripts (and to obtain editorial information),
contact the editor at the following address: Dr. Philip Walters, Religion,
State and Society, Keston Institute, 38 St. Aldates, Oxford, OX1 1BN, UK;
email: philip.walters@keston.org website:

The Association for the Study of Ethnicity and Nationalism, in cooperation
with the journal "Nations and Nationalism", has established a Prize to
encourage young scholars to publish original research in the field of
nationalism and ethnicity. The Call for Papers for the second year of the
competition has now been issued. The Prize will be awarded for the best
article submitted to Nations and Nationalism, and will be announced at
next year's annual ASEN Conference. It will include a sum of £250 and 2
years free membership of ASEN, and may lead to publication of the article
in the Journal. Deadline for submissions:  30 September 2003. For
information, contact: Managing Editor, Nations and Nationalism, ASEN,
London School of Economics, Houghton Street, London WC2A 2AE; or send an
email to: nations@lse.ac.uk; or check the ASEN website at:


A new website called the "Political Theory Daily Review" is a central
space on the Web for the study of philosophy and politics. The main
purpose of the Review is to make available news items, articles, essays,
magazine and journal items and other material related to political theory
for those who otherwise would find it difficult or time consuming to carry
out searches individually. Items related to political theory are posted
daily and arranged for easy reading and access. The address of this useful
site is: http://www.politicaltheory.info

H-MIGRATION is a new email listserv dedicated to enhancing scholarly
understanding of the global history of migration and the acculturation of
immigrants and their descendants. Sponsored by H-Net, (the Humanities &
Social Sciences On-line, hosted by Michigan State University) and by the
International Institute for Social History in Amsterdam, H-Migration will
post information about the location of primary sources, the use of this
material, the interpretation of research findings, and announcements of
books, journals, conferences, new web-sites, jobs, fellowships and calls
for papers. The home page for H-MIGRATION is:

The Centre for Citizenship Studies in Education, a research group based in
the School of Education, University of Leicester, has recently added its
March newsletter and annual report to its webpage. Both documents, as well
as several other citizenship-related documents published by the Centre,
can be viewed and downloaded at the following WWW address:

The Minority Rights Information System (MIRIS) database now publishes a
bi-monthly newsletter containing updates and new information about case
laws, domestic legislation and reports stored in the MIRIS system. The aim
of the MIRIS database is to promote the development of minority rights
standards by providing accessible information to experts, public
officials, NGO's and minority representatives, researchers and students
about the implementation of minority rights worldwide. To obtain
information or to subscribe to the newsletter, go to:

The Monitor is a quarterly newsletter published by Citizenship and
Immigration Canada dedicated to up-to-date immigration trends in Canada.
It features timely statistics on key demographic movements as measured by
the Government of Canada. The current issue features articles on foreign
workers, foreign students, new immigrants and citizenship policies.
Articles and full issues can be viewed and downloaded at the following GOC
website: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/monitor/current.html


The Universite Libre de Bruxelles is offering a Summer Course on "European
Union Immigration and Asylum Law and Policy" from July 1-11, 2003. The
School was organized with the support of the Academic Network for Legal
Studies of Immigration and Asylum in Europe. For more information,
contact: Nicole Bosmans, Universite Libre de Bruxelles - C.P. 137, Reseau
Odysseus Network, 50 Roosevelt Avenue, 1050 Brussels, Belgium; tel.: 0032
(0)2 650 49 96; fax. :  0032 (0)2 650 45 46. An application form can be
found on-line at: http://www.ulb.ac.be/assoc/odysseus/SUMMERFORM2003.doc

Between the 3rd and 16th of August 2003, the Transylvanian Committee of
the Association for Community Colleges (ACC) is offering a Community
College course on the topic of future perspectives on
Central-Eastern-European minorities in the context of EU enlargement. The
aim of the ACC is to stimulate a common European debate on questions and
political problems shared by Europeans. Further information is posted on
the WWW at: http://www.acc.eu.org/frontend/pages/SEEEMS_139.asp


ANNOUNCEMENTS:  If you would like to announce a new research project,
publication, call for papers, or upcoming conference in a future issue of
this newsletter, please contact us at cded@post.queensu.ca , or you
can write to the Forum for Philosophy and Public Policy, Department of
Philosophy, Queen's University, Watson Hall 313, Kingston Ontario K7L 3N6,
Canada. Fax: 613-533-6545.

Special thanks to Michael Kocsis for research help, and to Lise Charlebois
for help with the distribution of the newsletter.

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